Soviet Sport 1981 № 12 Anatoly Karpov - world champion. Meet: Olympic champion. Team is preparing ...

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tuseeva L.

Operators: Bochkov F., Zababurin V., Gorulev Yu, M. Levenberg, Makarov, Petros P.


1. The plot for world chess champion A. Karpov. 2. The plot of the Olympic champion in rowing V. Parfenovich. 3. USSR national football team prepares for the World Cup final.

Temporary description

Plot of the journal is devoted to 3-time world chess champion Anatoly Karpov: rewarding Anatoly Karpov, Anatoly Karpov interview. The plot tells about the Master of Sports, Olympic champion in Moscow on Rowing W. Parfenovich: V. Parfenovich at competitions in training. Preparation of the USSR team to the World Cup.

Reel №1

1. Gathered in the hall applauded by triple world champion Karpov, who had returned from the World Chess Championship in Italy.

A. Karpov awarded a laurel wreath.

Removes photographer.

Press Conference A. Karpov.

Journalists in the courtroom.

Karpov answers journalists' questions.

Journalists write answers A. Karpov on tape.

Interview A. Karpov for the newsreel "Soviet sport" (synchronous).



2. Olympic gold medalist in rowing V. Parfenovich training in canoeing at the Komsomolsk lake in Minsk.

Photos W. Parfenovich in the newspapers.

Awards V. Parfenovich.

V. Parfenovich for a jog through the streets of Minsk.

V. Parfenovich at home with a young son and his wife Tatiana - Games of the peoples of the USSR champion in rhythmic gymnastics.

Coaches PE Kavganov, AA and B. Cantura Parfenovich in the woods on duck hunting: pass through the woods, go through the swamp.

Flying over the marsh duck shoots AP Kavganov.

Dog runs through a swamp for a wounded bird.

Hunters are sitting by the fire.

Training V. Parfenovich at the Komsomolsk Lake - different plans.

3. Footballers of the USSR national team and head coach KI Beskov at the stadium.

Players take balls, exercise, perform various exercises with balls.

O. Blokhin, L. Buriak, J. Gavrilov, R. Shengelia, T. Sulakvelidze goalkeeper Rinat Dasaev on training.

K. Beskov oversees training.

Captains of the USSR team and Wales exchanged pennants.

Spectators at the Tbilisi stadium.

On the field there are football teams of the USSR and Wales.

Moments of the match.

B. Daraseliya with the filing of O. Blokhin scores the first goal.

O. Blokhin scored the second goal.

Yuri Gavrilov scored the third goal against the team of Wales.

Jubilant fans.

Players leaving the field.