Pioneerhood 1981 № 2

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Andrikanis E.

Operators: Babushkin I., Sokoljnikov A., Rusanov A.

Text writers: Sluckaya G.


1. 50th anniversary of Lenin's electrification plan, students tour of Zaporozhye on the Dnieper. 2. The delegate of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU, the math teacher from the village of Novo-Petrovsky Tamara Prokhorov. 3. Training weekdays cadets of the Moscow Military Music School.

Reel №1

1. The plot of "Dnieper.

Pages of history. "

Zaporozhye, DniproHES.

Excursion of schoolchildren on the territory of HPP. Dam.

Pupils communicate with drummer labor.

Pedestal with a portrait of Lenin on the 50th anniversary of the electrification plan.

The Cabinet of Lenin in the Kremlin.

Portrait of Lenin.

Documents on the table: Electrification of the RSFSR, map.

Newsreel 1932: grand opening Dneproges, workers, drummers, behind the podium, MI Kalinin and Commissar Ordzhonikidze;

Toggle switches working in the peasant's house is burning "light Ilyich" children read a book under the lamp.

Pioneers meet with front-line brigade brigadier betonschits AS Voskarevoy.

Newsreel 1946-1947 gg .: The construction work on the restoration of the Dnieper; First Secretary of Zaporizhzhya Regional Party Committee, Leonid Brezhnev delivers a speech to the workers.

Central control HPP operators work.

The dam of the Dnieper. 2. The plot of "Lessons Tamara."

Moscow region, village of Novo-Petrovsky.

High school №1. Pupils enter the school building.

Math lesson is the Hero of Socialist Labor, delegate of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU Tamara Prokhorov.

Pupils listen, meet at the board, pulling his hands.

Says a former student of AA Podsevakina (synchronously).

Schoolgirl says (synchronously).

Students in the class make a wall newspaper with photos Prokhorov.

Prokhorov surrounded by students, puts assessment diaries. 3. The plot of "Young Musicians".

Military parade on Red Square.

The construction of military students.

The General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and members of the Politburo at the Mausoleum.

By area paced young musicians.

The building of the Moscow Military Music School.

Students of the school up the team.

Morning exercise in the snow-covered yard of the school.

Cadets breakfast.

Construction of students in the hallway of the school.

Cadets at their desks in the classroom.

Cadets play various musical instruments, are engaged with the teachers.

Cadet Band marching through the capital, takes the march.


Kalinin Ordzhonikidze Leonid Brezhnev T.P.Prohorova


1932 1946-1947


Zaporozhye Moscow region Moscow

Sectors of the economy; Construction; Education; CPSU activity; Military Education; Music