Pioneerhood 1981 № 7

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Akkuratov E.

Operators: Bochkov F., Durandin V.

Text writers: Sluckaya G.


1. International Children's Olympics in the Russian language in Moscow. 2. All-Union rally winners military-patriotic game "Summer lightning" in Odessa.

Temporary description

International Children's Competition in the Russian language in Moscow. Military-patriotic sports game "Summer lightning" in Odessa.

Reel №1

1. The plot of "Hello!" International Children's Olympics in the Russian language in Moscow.

Children from different countries ride the bus to Moscow.

African on the bus says in Russian (synchronously).

Children on the Red Square.

Olympiad participants from different countries are represented in Russian (synchronously).

Portraits of children.

Children walk to the Kremlin, visiting the sights.

Children listen to a guide in the Tsar Cannon.

Children are preparing for the Olympics in the lobby of the Institute of Russian Language.


Children in the study at the tables get the job.

Children with abstracts in the hallway in front of an audience "Reading."

Member of Finland retells the story of the members of the Commission "Girl with violin" (synchronous).

Member of Finland reads poetry Mayakovsky (synchronously).

Participant from Austria reads a poem by Pushkin (synchronously).

Schoolgirl from Hungary comes to the commission, sits at the table, performs a writing assignment.

Schoolgirl from Hungary tells of Russian composers (synchronously).

Participants from Africa in the corridor of the institute.

Member of Guinea Bissau Olympics reads poetry about Lenin (synchronously).

Children have a wreath on Red Square at the mausoleum of Lenin.

The meeting of the international jury of the Olympiad.

Olympiad participants planted birch trees in the Botanical Gardens.

Children look at the bear in the garden, dancing.

Award Ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Children awarded medals.

Children and members of the jury in the hall smiling and applauding.

2. The plot of "So grow fighters."

Odessa, Potemkin Stairs.

Trumpeters play pioneers (synchronously). 9th All-Union rally winners of the military-patriotic game "Summer lightning".

Columns of the participants' march through the streets of Odessa.

Residents of Odessa, veterans watching the procession.

Newsreel of the Great Patriotic War: Odessa in ruins, Odessites carry bags, build fences;

Marines on the front lines, the gunners on the ship; Odessa armed children in the catacombs.

Participants of the rally and war veterans are the catacombs.

Pleasure boats in the Black Sea.

Participants of the rally give a pioneer on the deck of the ship, wreath floating on the waves.

Participants of the rally lay a garland of flowers at the monument to the unknown sailor.

Honorary Marine guards fired into the air.

Military parade at a rally game "Summer lightning".

Children in uniform, participants of a meeting with the banner go on a tank.

Veterans with medals, children in a sailor uniform.

Behind the podium secretary of the Komsomol Fedulova.

The symbolism of the game "Summer lightning-81."

Participants of the rally at the site shoot at targets.

Winners are awarded, the boy handed the sporting rifle.

Military officials in the awards.

Children playing in the summer lightning: crawling across the field, running with a weapon in the attack.

Military helicopter over the ground.

Detachments of children with dummy weapons go to landfill.

Dummy machine flask on the grass.

Children in the field to communicate with the young soldiers.

Lenin's flag.

Fireworks over the ground.


Moscow Odessa

Society, social activities and community organizations; Childhood and youth; Education; Military Education