Soviet Sport 1982 № 6 First steps. Proof of your success. Overcoming. New name.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kiselev S.

Operators: Levenberg M., Voinov, O., Akkuratov E., I. Katzman, Kryakvin E.


1. Physical education in kindergarten, the Tallinn. 2. USSR champion in the high jump Zh.Nekrasova. 3. The plot of the USSR champion, weightlifter A.Pisarenko. 4. Gymnastics competitions for the Cup of the Soviet Union.

Temporary description

Physical education classes in kindergarten Tallinn. Country champion in the high jump Indoor G. Nekrasov. The USSR champions - heavyweight A. Pisarenko. The winner of the USSR Cup gymnastics N. Yurchenko.

Reel №1

1. Tallinn - the overall plan.

Covers sports magazines in foreign languages.

Children in physical education in kindergarten № 12 October district of Tallinn.

The teacher works with children.

Children do flips, climb the rope, are engaged in the "Swedish" wall, learn to swim in the pool.

The guys on the street and ride skateboards.

2. Trained athlete Zhanna Nekrasov - different plans.

Speech by J. Nekrasova the USSR Championship in Athletics.

Athletes perform high jumps - different plans.

Unsuccessful attempts to jump - falling plank.

Watching members of the jury.

Watching fans.

J. Nekrasov performs a jump at 1 meter 94 centimeters.

3. Photos A. Pisarenko in childhood.

Photos of famous weightlifters: Yu Vlasov, L. Zhabotinsky, and V. Alexeev.

A. Pisarenko, walks in the park with a young son.

An article in the newspaper "Soviet Sport" on A. Pisarenko.

A. Pisarenko on training in the gym.

4. By Neve floats the boat.

Spectators at the Leningrad gym "Jubilee."

Speeches gymnasts - different plans.

Gymnast N. Yurchenko talks with his trainer Vladimir Rastrotskim.

N. Yurchenko performs exercises on uneven bars.

Looks B. Rastorotsky.

N. Yurchenko perform exercises on a log, on the carpet - different plans.

Applauding the fans.

N. Yurchenko, presenting the award - the USSR Cup.

Along the street are Rastorotsky V. and N. Yurchenko.