Soviet Sport 1982 № 8 Sports complex in the neighborhood. Science helps the sport. On the water route.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Generalov N.

Operators: Levenberg M., Voinov O.


1. New sports complex in Kharkiv. 2. Laboratoiya antropomaksimologii Institute of Physical Culture. 3. European Championship for vodnomotornomu sport.

Temporary description

The sports complex for youth in Kharkov. Study of reserve capacity Rights VNII Laboratory of Physical Culture. UEFA vodomotornomu sport in Vyborg.

Reel №1

1. Dzerzhinsky district of Kharkov - pedestrians, buildings, vehicles on the street.

Sign "housing office number 21. Sports Club "Youth".

On the sports field are adults and children, including the organizer of the club I.S.Risman.

Boy performs exercises on the bar, the girl does exercises on the bars.

Classes in the section of the club "Hercules" sambo and judo.

Section weightlifting club "Antey" - men do in the gym, training with a barbell.

Coach watches for training A.Girenko.

Sign "housing office number 21. Sports complex with a swimming pool, "Goldfish"

Swimming training toddlers.

In an open area boys play volleyball.

Street of Kharkov, passing cars.

2. Gymnast performs; athlete jumps in length athlete throwing javelin, high jump athlete - short plans.

Laboratory of reserve capacity, Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture.

Laboratory Manager VV Kuznetsov talks about antropomaksimologii (the study of human spare capacity) - (synchronously).


Athlete's foot is attached to the sensors.

Honored Master of Sports I.Chernyshev jumps in length.

Doctors at the stand.

On the stand "treadmill" - master of sports V.Sakaev.

A doctor examines V.Sakaeva, measures blood pressure him.

Javelin thrower B.Ermolaev a special setup to mimic a throwing spear.

3. Competitions motor boats - different plans.

Boats with engines up to 350 cubic centimeters of the Gulf of Finland.

Athletes of Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the Soviet Union are preparing for a competition.

Athletes are a boat to the water.

Master of Sports Arvydas Bakshis with his father, coach Algis Bakshisom preparing the boat for the competition.

Photo graphy Algis Bakshisa - member hockey team.

Judge shoots the pistol.

Start motorboats.

Algis Bakshis watching through binoculars.

Motor boats in the distance.

A.Bakshis is on a race boat A.Bernitsina - different plans.

Finish motorboats.

Coach of the USSR P.Bogdanov ashore.

Winners of competitions and A.Bakshisa A.Bernitsina thrown into the water.

A.Bakshis A.Bernitsin and standing on the shore.

Panorama of the participants of the USSR team vodnomotornomu sport.