Soviet Army 1982 № 55 Friendship forever.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Rybakova A.

Operators: Istomin A., Makarov V.


The film tells about the friendship of the peoples of the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, the unity and Commonwealth soldiers armies of the USSR and Czechoslovakia.

Army | Foreign policy

Defense and internal security

Temporary description

Newsreel. Pass fighters Czechoslovak Division, formed in Buzuluk Orenburg region. Division commander L. Svoboda. Soviet troops are freed Prague. Joyous people in the streets of Prague. Moscow. Meeting of Leonid Brezhnev and Gustav Husak in the Kremlin. Preparation of Czechoslovak officers in military academies of the USSR. Czechoslovakia. Visit one of the units of the Central Group of Soviet Forces Czechoslovak soldiers. Joint cultural events of the Soviet and Czechoslovak soldiers, visiting the plant "Skoda", Lenin Museum in Prague, conducting classes in physical education. Joint exercise of Soviet and Czechoslovak troops on the ground in the conditions close to the fighting. Airfield. Soviet and Czechoslovak pilots sit in the aircraft for joint training operations.

Reel №1

Soviet and Czechoslovak soldiers.

Soviet and Czechoslovak officers.

Hero of the Soviet Union pilot GK Denisenko says the soldiers fighting for the liberation of Czechoslovakia.

Awards for breast GK Denisenko.

Pilot Denisenko, smiling girl.

Busts of heroes - the fighters against fascism.

Bronze head of the pilot.

Bronze bust of General Freedom.

Inscription 1941-1945 at the Eternal Flame; Build soldiers go to the monument to fallen soldiers; flowers at the monument.

The inscription on the film "Eternal memory to the fallen heroes"; Czech and Soviet soldiers at the monument.

Olshansky cemetery.

Newsreel: Soviet tank with soldiers enters Prague, passing on the street; Prague residents welcome Soviet liberators.

Soviet officer welcomes people of Prague (background voice in Czech participants in the joint fighting for the liberation of Prague, Major-General Stepan Bundzaka).

Monument - the tank with the names of fallen soldiers.

Monument - tank.

Says S. Bundzak (at the monument).

Newsreel 1941-1945: Czech squad held the banner, the people welcomed the soldiers.

Busuluk City, where in February 1942 was established the first Czechoslovak military units.

The inscription "Here in 1942-43. the headquarters of the first Czechoslovak separate battalions. "

Newsreel: are soldiers formed the first military unit; transfer banner; commander of the Ludwig Freedom; are soldiers of the Czechoslovak army.

Sokolovo village, where the first Czechoslovak units engaged in battle with the Nazis.

Landscape middle band.

Newspaper photo Czech nadporuchika Otakar Yarosh, who was the first foreign citizens received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Photo O. Yarosh.

Bas O. Yarosh on the building in Kharkov.

Street O. Yarosh in Kharkov.

The streets of Kiev with pedestrians and traffic.

Fountains on the streets.


Landscape Czechoslovakia.

Forested mountains.

Banska Bystrica (the plane).

The museum building of the Slovak National Uprising (the plane).

The museum building.

b / w photos guerrillas in the mountains photo: guerrillas Newsreel: Soviet and Czechoslovak soldiers come to the aid of the insurgents, dragged the machine gun, pass through the mountains.

Mountain passes.

Dukla picture.

Monument of Glory at Dukla (the plane).

Photo: Monument at Dukla.


Street Prague monument.

Building in Prague Cathedral in Prague, the town square.

Sculptures in the square.

Report on the streets.

Competitions athletes in the street of the city; passing cyclist.

On the square are the entertainers.


Children on the street; Boy throws feed the pigeons.


Prague landscape (mountains, forested).

Passing train with agricultural machinery.

The industrial landscape of Czechoslovakia.

Industrial landscape, Moscow, Kremlin tower.

Talk LI Brezhnev and Gustav Husak in the Kremlin.


Go down the street Soviet and Czechoslovak officers; standing, talking; officers from the map.

Electrified layout; Soviet and Czechoslovak officers in military construction layout.

Reel №2

Joint training of officers of the army of Czechoslovakia and the USSR; sit in a training tank, study it.

The woods are the commanders of the USSR and Czechoslovakia.

In the barracks of the Soviet military unit includes soldiers of the Czechoslovak units arrived to study in the USSR. Czechoslovak soldiers face.

Soldiers engaged in the playground at various projectiles; soldiers on the bar, the soldiers overcome obstacles; foot soldier on the run log.

Czechoslovak officer.

Joint theoretical study of Czechoslovak and Soviet soldiers in tanks.

A group of Soviet and Czechoslovak soldiers coming to the building of the plant "Skoda"; assembly line factory, the soldiers; Working for the assembly of the machine; watching the soldiers.

Soldiers in the hall of the museum VI Lenin in Prague; guide tells the soldiers of the VI Lenin in Czechoslovakia in 1912, where VI Lenin directed the work of the Sixth Conference of the RSDLP Prague.

Photos on the walls of the museum.

The room where he worked VI Lenin.


Joint political education of soldiers of the USSR and Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovak says Lieutenant Milan Komzhik, listen to the soldiers (background voice M. Komzhika in Czech); hands of a warrior are recording in a notebook.

Tank Joint training of soldiers in the field; passing tanks; run, shoot the soldiers with machine guns.

Officers in the shelter at the command post.

Hands officer take notes on the map.

The officer looks through binoculars.

Group of Czechoslovak and Soviet soldiers - members of the editorial board draws battle piece of especially distinguished soldiers on maneuvers.

Battle piece.

Pass pilots, excellent performance at the exercises - Captain Peter Avdeenko and nadporuchik Jaroslav Vaber.

The pilot sits in the cockpit, wear a helmet, closes the hood of the aircraft.

Fly two planes.

Soldiers suggest a pontoon bridge.

On the bridge is moving tank.

Passing tanks in the woods.

Czechoslovak and Soviet soldiers resting on the edge of the forest after the military exercises, talk, drink water from flasks.

Farewell party in the cafe; sit at the tables soldiers; Ensemble plays.

Soldiers talk, considering the album with stamps, exchanged badges.

Say goodbye to the Soviet and Czechoslovak soldiers.