Pioneerhood 1981 № 3

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zhukovskaja I.

Operators: J. Orzechowski, A. Lebedev, L. Sokolnikov

Text writers: Sluckaya G.


1. Performance of the pioneers of the greeting 26 Congress of the CPSU. 2. The collection of waste paper and the students Karelia excursion OAO Kondopoga. 3. Children military patrioticheskoy club in Novorossiysk and Sambo competitions in Moscow. 4. Students visiting chefs at the Moscow plant toys "Outlook".

Reel №1

1. The plot of "Report from the XXVI Congress of the CPSU."

View of the Kremlin from the Moskva River.

Winter, our delegates come to the Palace of Congresses.

Congress delegates in orders, communicate in the lobby of the palace.

Opening of the Congress.

Pioneers and Komsomol make banners, delegates applauded standing.

The General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev handed the report of the Komsomol.

Portraits of Pioneers and Komsomol members.

Pioneers read poetry (voices in the frame).

Behind the podium speeches Komsomol (synchronously).

Pioneers swear to defend the Motherland (synchronously). 2. The plot of "The guys like you."

Winter, a man buys a kiosk newspaper "Pravda".

Rolls of paper in the workshop pulp and paper mill.

Winter, forest planting.

Karelia, Kondopoga.

Winter, children in the yard of high school.

Schoolchildren in a classroom poster hanging "More papers country."

Pupils carry trash on a sled.

Children of Georgia trash truck.

Truck with waste paper and children leaving.

Children in the shops OAO Kondopoga.

Worker conducts a tour, the children listen.

Children watch the production of paper rolls on the conveyor.

Stack of newsprint.

Men buy newspapers at a kiosk.

The newspaper "Moskovskaya Pravda" in the hands of men. 3. The plot of "Courage, strength, friendship."

Novorossiysk, children's military-patriotic club.

Training of young Sambo.

Moscow, All-Union competition Sambo teams of military-patriotic clubs.

Fragments of the competition, sambo on the carpet.

The team captain from Novorossiysk Oleg Bekmuhamedov wins in 10 seconds.

Says Oleg Bekmuhamedov (synchronously).

Children from Novorossiysk club meet with military veterans.

Children in the museum.

Awards for the defense of Stalingrad in the museum.

Sambo built before the ceremony.

Diplomas and medals sambistov (large). 4. The plot of "Toy affairs of the master."

Building of the plant toys "Outlook".

Factory workers on the shop floor.

Toy cars on assembly lines.

The process of making dolls.

School children on the eve of March 8 in visiting chefs at the factory.

Girls and boys go to the shop, consider a toy.

Children interact with a seamstress, machine operator, a delegate of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU. Girls help factory worker dress and comb the dolls.

Boys consider and collect dolls pupsikov.

Children in the factory museum of dolls, doll hold most.


Leonid Brezhnev


Moscow Kondopoga Novorossiysk

Congress of the CPSU; Childhood and youth; Industry; Society, social activities and community organizations; Sporting events; Military Education