Pioneerhood 1982 № 7

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Andrikanis E.

Operators: Frez I.

Text writers: Sluckaya G.


1. Meeting the pioneers of two generations (1982 and 1962) in the camp "Friendship" Moscow Region. 2. Kazakh students are helping scientists at the experimental beet field. 3. Five-year actress Lika Kremer on the set of the movie "Quarantine" Ilya Freza.

Reel №1

1. The plot of "In the summer camp" Friendship ".

Moscow region, the village of Kamenka.

The territory of the pioneer camp "Friendship" named after AM Gorky.

Pioneers beat the drums.

Grand building pioneers.

Pioneer leader says in speaker (synchronously).

Pioneers meeting of two generations (1982 and 1962).

Pioneers meet the creators and participants of the documentary film "Journey to the 18th year."

Give guests the flowers.

Matured pioneers of film Lyudmila Gurin and Olga Belyakov surrounded by children.

Cameraman G.K.Epifanov communicates with the pioneers.

Fragments of the film, shot in the camp in 1962.

Gurin and Belyakov watching a movie with his participation.

Movie Stills: Pioneers photo "Lenin in his office in the Kremlin" authorship P.A.Otsupa; Pioneers meet with the photographer Otsup;

pioneers in the printing of the newspaper "Pravda" communicate with the typesetter; Pioneers by the fire reading the newspaper "Pravda" in 1918.

Pioneers of two generations out of the cinema.

Solemn line.

Creators and participants of the movie tie pioneer ties. 2. The plot of "Together with the whole country."

Kazakhstan, Almaty region.

Ears of wheat.

Harvesting, harvester in the field.

The newspaper "Pioneer truth": the pioneers in harvesting.

Students go on field Demetrius school number 9 of Almaty region.

Brigadier students on a tractor "naturalists."

Experimental beet field.

The scientific staff of the Kazakh State University with the children treated field.

Children in field with hoes. 3. The plot of "Girl in films."

Five-year Lika Kramer on the set of the movie "Quarantine".

Director Ilya Frez works with Lika.

Lika rehearsing dance, sing (synchronously).

Frez persuades little actress to work (synchronously).

Removed double scene.

Camera operator pulling on the grass on the mat.

Lika runs, sings (synchronously).

Directed Frez podtantsovyvat with actress.

Working crew.

Lika sits in a chair with the inscription "actor."


G.K.Epifanov I.A.Frez L.G.Kramer


Moscow region Kazakhstan Moscow

Childhood and youth; Society, social activities and community organizations; Agriculture; Movie