Pioneerhood 1982 № 8 Pioneer summer in Belarus.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kasatkin P.

Operators: Kasatkin P.

Text writers: Sluckaya G.


Summer vacation pioneers in Belarus: guard at the tomb of the hero pioneer Marat Kase, collecting medicinal herbs, taking care of the forest, blue patrol competition for karting, young designers, hay, young boatman boat "Pioneer".

Childhood and youth | Life and leisure

Reel №1

Belarusian village Konkovo.

Rustic species blooming meadow home.

House-Museum pionera- Hero of the Soviet Union Marat Kase.

Construction of the pioneers at the grave of Marat Kase.

Pioneers of laying flowers on a grave.

Pioneer plays the bugle.

Kids doing exercises on the street.

Children bathe in the river.

The children gather flowers and herbs on the meadow.

The pharmacist gives children pictures with useful plants.

Bank of the river, a young grove.

Pioneers with shovels go in the woods.

Forester pulls out of the car, shows pioneers how to fall asleep on fire.

Pioneers gather dry branches and trees.

Boats on the river, fishermen in a boat.

Pioneers of the "blue patrol" examine the riverbank, looking for traces of illegal fishing.

From the boat goes Inspector Eugene Kuzmich Fedovchenko.

Fedovchenko with children in the boat, pulled out of the river network.

Thickets of water lilies on the water surface.

Inspector boat.

Ducks floating on the river.

Pioneers go through the camp "Rainbow".

Exhibition of works by young technicians Minsk.

Pioneer with a camera.

Girl on a homemade sports car.

Children clap.

Models of planetary rovers, combine.

Village Chaplino Gomel region.

Harvesting in the field, working processor.

Farmers throws hay in stack.

Pioneers help adults in the hay.

Boys in the field on horseback.

Gomel fleet of young sailors and river.

Pioneers enter the mother ship.

Retired-boatman Boris Abramovich Borovik working with children.

Boys and girls in the form of the sailors.

Children sailing on a boat with oars.

Pioneers rowers.

Pioneers wash the deck riverboat, roll to mop dog.

Boys peeling potatoes, cast off.

Children on the deck, the boy at the helm.

Children floating on the river on a boat "Pioneer".

Holidaymakers on the beach.

Pioneer onboard signal flags.

Girl in naval uniform on the deck looking through binoculars.

Floating down the river barge, pleasure boat.

Children from the deck watching the ship.

Beach, sunset over the river.

Key words

holidays Pioneers




Belarus [845]