Foreign chronicle 1983 № 16 Nicaragua. Czechoslovakia. USA. Mozambique. Yugoslavia. Poland. Kaleidoscope.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Ryabova M.

Temporary description

The fight against the Sandinista People's Army Samosovskih gangs in Nicaragua. Construction of nuclear power plant in Jaslovske-Bohunice (Czechoslovakia). Antinuclear demonstration in California (USA). Meeting of Heads of State and Government Coordination Conference of independent countries in southern Africa (Mozambique). Factory for the production of matches in Osijek (Yugoslavia). Village Craftsmen Zamepe in Poland (paintings). The sculptures of Easter Island. Exhibition of masterpieces from the Vatican's art collection in New York. Catamaran, Jacques Yves Cousteau.

Reel №1

Alarming situation on the border with Honduras in connection with attempts to capture somosovtsev parts of the country.

Response Sandy nistskogo National Liberation Front.

Nuclear power plant.

Demonstration of the peace at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory theory, developing nuclear weapons.

Coordination Conference of the independent countries of southern Africa.

Wood processing plants, including plant "Drava" producing matches.

Peasant village stuck, paint their houses, household items a custom. 1. Stone statues on Easter Island. 2. The museum "Metropolitan" masterpieces exhibited their collections at Vatika, samples of Greek and Roman culture, including the statue of Apollo. 3. The new design of the catamaran, invented Zh Cousteau.