Soviet Sport 1984 № 6 Speed. Height. Harmony.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kopalin V.

Operators: Kulidzhanov A., Serov G., Komm, R., Kondakov S., Voinov O.


1. Three-time Olympic champion swimmer Vladimir Salnikov. 2. Competition in the high jump. 3. Rhythmic gymnastics.

Temporary description

1syuzh. - 3-time Olympic champion, world and European champion in swimming Vl. Salnikov in training during the competition. Honored trainer of the USSR I. Koshkin says (sinhr.) on V. Salnikov. 2syuzh. - Competitions athletes in the high jump and pole-vaulting. Head coach of the Soviet high jump E. Zagorulko tells of the relationship of athletes and coaches (sinhr.). 3syuzh. - Speech of gymnasts with individual items: tape, a ball. People's Artist of the USSR, Chairman of the Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics of the USSR EA Bystritskaya says (sinhr.) the proximity of the sport and art, the relationship with the Russian choreography.

Reel №1

1. Vladimir Salnikov Plovets during the competition, on the podium.

Coach Cat II tells the story of Vladimir Salnikov (synchronously).

Vladimir Salnikov in training in the pool, gym, jogging in the park - different plans.

I. Koshkin oversees training.

Vladimir Salnikov performs at competitions.

Fans in the stands.

Embankment in Leningrad.

Vladimir Salnikov trains in the pool.

Arrow moves the stopwatch.

2. High Jump Pole Vault - different plans, Rapid.

Athletes steps measure the length of run.

Athletes jump in height - different plans, Rapid.

Senior coach of the USSR in the high jump E. Zagorulko talks about different techniques in the high jump, long, about the relationship of athletes and coaches (synchronously).

Athletes preparing for the high jump with a pole.

Fans in the stands.

High jump and pole vault without a pole - different plans.

3. Gymnast performs with a hoop - Rapid.

People's Artist of the USSR, Chairman of the Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics USSR E. Bystritskaya says gymnastics (synchronously).

Fragments of speeches gymnasts with tape, with the ball.

Says E. Bystritskaya (synchronously).

Gymnast stands with the ball - Rapid.