Soviet Sport № 10 Sailors from the Moskva River. About elders, grandchildren, and a bicycle. Winning the rock. (1984)

Newsreel №14231, 1 part, duration: 0:09:47, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Khoryakov A.
Camera operators:Petrosov R., Voinov O., Gorbatsky V., M. Levenberg, Islailov M.


1. Championship of Moscow among cruising yachts. 2. Classes are cycling in the village Karakulai Fergana region. 3. 12th USSR championship of rock climbing.

Temporary description:

1syuzh. - Race cruising yachts at the Moscow water reservoir; champion of the USSR R. Novoderezhkin talks about his passion for yacht sports (sinhr.). Used newsreels about competing athletes in 1964. 2syuzh. - Classes cycling villagers Karakulai Fergana region. Uzbekistan. 3syuzh. - XII open championship of the USSR on climbing in Crimea: victories and defeats members of the championship, rewarding the winners.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Cruising boats on the Moscow River - different plans.

Sailors prepare the yacht for a competition.

Start of the race.

Teams sailors during the race.

The captain of the crew of the yacht "Caprice" Atserov Yu and his team in the competition.

The captain of the Toros "Kozlov and his team during the competition.

Members of the crew of the yacht "Nord" and Captain B. Novoderezhkin during the race.

Yacht Nord finish.

Newsreels 1964:

B. Novoderezhkin takes part in competitions Olympic class yachts.

Interview B. Novoderezhkin (synchronously).

Sailors are preparing for a competition - raise, raise the sail, let down the boat into the water.

Boats on the water.

2. Elderly Tajik teaches his grandson to ride a bike.

On the table, the stadium manager is talking with aksakal.

On the highway passing cyclists - members of the children's section of cycling.

Elders are drinking tea and talking.

Elders talk to the coach.

On the road on bicycles passing elders.

Competition cyclists.

Elder talks about his passion for cycling (synchronously in the Tajik language).

Elders are passing cyclists.

3. Steep cliffs on the coast.

Climbers ascend the steep slope.

Cost competitors - the Soviet and foreign climbers.

Viewing audience.

Competition climbing a short distance - 60 meters.

Climbers descend from the race.

Climbers Megulkov M. and S. Koloshin, M. Bershov try to overcome distance.

Climbers to conquer the summit, among them - A. Damn.

Interview A. Baker's (synchronously).

Pair race for the prize named after M. Khergiani.

The illustrations in the book devoted to M. Khergiani.

Newsreel footage 1960th years.:

Champion of the USSR on mountaineering M. Khergiani climbs up the cliff.

Photo M. Khergiani on a rock Sualto.

Prizes named after M. Khergiani handed FA Zhirnov and N. Suleymovskomu.

F. Zhirnova says climbing sports (synchronously).

Climbers on the warm-up - different plans.

Athletes climb up the cliff.

Watching spectators, competitors.

Mountain climber, climb the cliff - different plans.

F. Zhirnova up the hill, "breaks."

F. Zhirnova sits at the foot of the mountain.

(Background of the song performed by Vladimir Vysotsky "Farewell to the mountains).

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