Soviet Sport 1984 № 11 Several interviews on the same issue.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tatulashvili U.

Operators: Voinov O., Minaev A.


Thematic issue of the journal tells us about sportsmanship actors Nozhkin M., A. Jankowski, I. Alferov, A. Dzhigarkhanyan and K. Makharadze.

Temporary description

Theater and cinema Nozhkin M., A. Jankowski, I. Alferov, A. Dzhigarkhanjan, N. Makharadze do in your free time for sports: swimming, cycling, jogging, horseback riding, soccer, talk (sinhr.) about his passion for physical fitness and sports.

Reel №1

The pool floats M.Nozhkin actor.

M.Nozhkin talks about his sport (synchronously).

Men and women swim in the pool.

Yankovsky likes to run in the park.

Yankovsky said about his attitude to physical education and sport (synchronously).

I.Alferova on stage, "Lenk" during rehearsal.

Directed M.Zaharov is in the audience during rehearsals.

I.Alferova in the park on horseback riding.

A.Alferova talks about his passion for horse riding (synchronously).

A.Dzhigarhanyan - head coach of the football team of actors, in the gym watching the training session.

A.Dzhigarhanyat gives interviews (synchronously).

Actors during soccer practice - different plans.

Among them - B.Hmelnitskogo, A.Martynov.

A.Dzhigarhanyan says (synchronously).

A.Dzhigarhanyan during training the football team.

Actor, sports commentator in the commentary booth K.Maharadze is reporting (synchronously in Georgian).

Moments of Soccer.

K.Maharadze interviews (synchronously).

K.Maharadze in the play.

K.Maharadze in the commentary booth.

Chanting fans in the stadium.