Soviet Sport 1985 № 1 Ten minutes and the whole life.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zhukovskaya I.

Operators: Voinov O., Levenberg M., Petrosov R.


The magazine is dedicated wire from the big sports stars of Soviet hockey Valery Vasiliev, Alexander Maltsev and Vladislav Tretiak.

Temporary description

Match Teams and the Soviet Union and Europe's hockey on the deserved master of sports V. Vasilyev, A. Maltsev, V. Tretyakov.

Reel №1

Hockey players in the locker room warming up before the match.

V. Vasiliev, V. Maltsev and Tretiak warm up, prepare the equipment (the background the song "I'll sing another encore ..." performed by A. Pugacheva).

Hockey players come out onto the ice.

Alexander Maltsev, Vladimir Vasiliev and V. Tretiak on the pitch.

Fragments of the hockey match between the USSR and Europe.

Watching fans - big plans for individuals.

A. Maltsev and Vasilyev said the significance of the audience for the athletes (synchronously).

Ice hockey players at the training in the winter forest.

The boy takes an autograph from an athlete.

Fragments of the hockey game.

B. Mikhailov and Vladimir Vasiliev with the prize cup.

On the pitch there are players.

Hockey players go down the steps of the aircraft.

Farewell tribute to the big sports V. Tretyakov, V. Vasilyev and A. Maltsev.

Read the press photographers.

V. Vasiliev, V. Maltsev and Tretiak with flowers in their hands are on the pitch.

Vasilyev home with his wife and daughter decorate the Christmas tree.

Vasilyev said about his plans (synchronously).

Mal'tsev home with his wife and son looked at pictures.

Interview A. Maltsev (synchronously).

Members of the hockey team to raise their hands A. Maltsev, Vladimir Vasiliev and Vladimir Tretiak, make a victory lap around the stadium.

Train young hockey players.

Views Vasilyev.