Soviet Sport № 2 Lokomotiv - 50. (1986)

Newsreel №14491, 1 part, duration: 0:09:35, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Artseulov O.
Camera operators:Artseulov K.


Newsreel devoted 50 years voluntary sports club "Lokomotiv".

Temporary description:

The theme is the 50 anniversary of the voluntary sports society "Lokomotiv". A solemn meeting devoted to the "Locomotives". Chairman of the All SA Shalaev attaches the Order of the Red Banner on the banner of society. Minister of Railways NS Konarev delivers a congratulatory speech (synchronously). Member of the Society, an international grandmaster L. Polugaevsky playing chess. Head coach of the Soviet Union in cycling AA Kuznetsov describes the activities of "Locomotive" (synchronous). Members of the public "Lokomotiv" engaged in various sports. Members of the public, workers train depot station Jmerinka "do aerobics in the gym. Personnel chronicles 20-ies: a parade of athletes. Boys play with the ball in the hall of the Children's football school society "Lokomotiv". The locomotive is moving by rail.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel footage 1930th years.:

Tolls Privokzalny bell.

Come young people with suitcases.

Young people get the Komsomol.

Drive off the train "Moscow-Magnitogorsk.

Machinist in the cabin train.

Fireman throws in the locomotive firebox charcoal.

Trains on the road.

Young people working on the site.

Footage of sports parade in 1936.

A solemn meeting devoted to rewarding sports society "Lokomotiv" Red Banner of Labor.

Chairman of the All SA Shalaev attaches Order in the banner of "Locomotive."

Minister of Transport of the USSR, NS Konarev delivers a congratulatory speech (synchronously).

Veterans of the sport and working in the hall - listen, applaud.

Rides the train.

Veterans Lokomotiv - NS Konare and Hero of Socialist Labor machinist VF Sokolov spend a chess match.

GM looks AL Polugaevsky.

Head of the Centre for Olympic training DSO Lokomotiv, coach of the Soviet Union in cycling AA Kuznetsov to train athletes at the cycle track, talks about the activities of "Locomotive" (synchronous).

Cups and trophies society Lokomotiv.

Coaching cyclists on the cycle track.

Newsreel footage: a sports parade, subway construction.

Trained athletes Lokomotiv: boxers, weightlifters.

Competition in skiing.

Veteran Lokomotiv Judge MF Ivanov at ski competitions.

Military photos MF Ivanov.

MF Ivanov, and other veterans of the sports society "Lokomotiv" view photos.

Train depot station Zhmerynka.

Sports complex and a winter garden in the depot.

Members of the public Lokomotiv railroad workers in the sport: playing chess, football;


Young athletes Lokomotiv in gymnastics.

Newsreel footage 1930th years.: A boy jumps over the "horse", the young athletes in sports parade perform gymnastic exercises.

Trained girl gymnasts.

Children's football school community "Lokomotiv" - the guys in training with the ball.

Newsreel footage of 1957:

A football match involving players Lokomotiv.

Chanting fans.

Footballers Lokomotiv handed the USSR Cup.

Coach talks with members of the youth football team.

Fragment of the game in the winter football.

Train on the road.

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