Around the USSR 1986 № 216 From the first start.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Mostovoy P.

Script writers: Tarnoruder L.

Operators: Komm R., Kondakov S., Kondakov S.


On celebrating the 25 th anniversary of flight YA Gagarin into space.

Conquest of Space

Temporary description

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space: Chronicle flight of Yuri Gagarin on the spacecraft "Vostok" (1961), the press conference of Soviet and foreign scientists, astronauts meeting of the socialist countries, India, France, a solemn meeting in the Column Hall of. Seen by Soviet and foreign astronauts, including American ones, the Kaluga Tsiolkovsky museum.

Reel №1

Cobblestones of Red Square in Moscow.

Red Square in the morning.

Spasskaya tower chimes.

Newsreel 1961 .: The Rise of the rocket.

General Designer of SP Korolev speaks into the microphone.

Yuri Gagarin in spacecraft cabin (the TV screen).

Photo Yuri Gagarin.

Cobbles Red Square - LS., PNRM.

Meeting astronauts from different countries in the Hall of Columns (in honor of the 25th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight); among astronauts - GT Coast - MS., CU.

Patients with correspondents - MS., PNRM.

Hungarian cosmonaut Bertalan Farkas says Yuri Gagarin (synchronously in Russian) - MS., CU.

Photo by B. Farkas, A. Leonov.

Press center - different.

Says cosmonaut Alexei Leonov (synchronously) - CU.

The session devoted to the 25th anniversary of the space age, the podium - cosmonaut GS Titov - CU.


Photos astronauts A. Eliseev, B. Volynova - CU.

Cosmonauts Alexei Yeliseyev and Boris Volynov talk about Gagarin's flight (synchronously) - CU.

Newsreel 1961 .: Festivities in Moscow and elsewhere: people carrying placards, waving.

Passes Yuri Gagarin after the flight.

The people welcomed Gagarin; Yuri Gagarin on the podium of the Mausoleum.

Photo: Yuri Gagarin and Korolev; KE Tsiolkovsky - CU., Departure.

Monument KE Tsiolkovsky in Moscow Obelisk of space explorers - CU., Departure.

House-Museum KE Tsiolkovsky in Kaluga (outside) - MS., Impact.

Table lamp in the office - CU., PNRM.

Astronauts in the museum - MS., CU.

Says the executive director of the US Institute of Aeronautics John Harford (simultaneously in English).

Rocket building and Museum of the History of Cosmonautics in Kaluga - MS., PNRM.

Halls, astronauts and correspondents in the hall - MS., CU.

Diary that Yuri Gagarin's first flight - CU.

Mock spaceship - CU., PNRM.

The journalists at the press center - different.

House of Unions: on the sidelines of a meeting of astronauts, the wife of Yuri Gagarin Valentina Gagarin signs autographs - CU.

About Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut say Cuban Tamayo Méndez and Polish cosmonaut Miroslav Germashevsky (synchronously in Russian) - CU., MS.

Photo by T. Mendez, M. Hermaszewski - CU.

Newsreel 1961 .: Date of Yuri Gagarin in different countries: a passing car, talking to people.

Yuri Gagarin meeting with Fidel Castro.

Building Friendship House in Moscow - MS., PNRM.

Admission astronauts in the House of Friendship, present applauded.

Chairperson of the Presidium of the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries ZM Kruglov.

Monument to Yuri Gagarin (bust on the side of the obelisk) - MS., Impact.

Celebration at ENEA 25th anniversary of the first manned space flight: pass astronauts; festivities - MS.

The astronauts planting a tree - MS.

Obelisk of space explorers - MS.