Around the USSR № 217 (1986)

Newsreel №14543, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:40
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Fomina Z.
Screenwriters:May V.

Reel №1

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Reel №2

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Movie №0

Photos: weaving Ivanovo before the revolution.

Girl walking down the street.

Tram rides.

Komvolnogo building plant in Ivanovo.

In the car rides Valentina Golubeva, a delegate of the 27th Congress of the CPSU.

Lobby of the Kremlin Palace, the delegates weaving factory director VN Golubev.

PNRM. the hall of the 27th Party Congress.

The Presidium of the stage, listening in the hall.

The Congress participates Valentina Golubeva.

Golubev is in the shop weaving mill., Oversees the work of the weavers, talks with them.

Photos of Valentina Golubeva, when she was working as a weaver.

PNRM. on the shop floor with the loom.

Weavers at work.

Samples of floral fabrics.

Interview VN Golubeva in the office of the table (synchronously) on the complexity of the work at a textile factory.

Golubev at the construction site of a residential building, in kindergarten, in the shop gives flowers to congratulate leaders of manufacture.

Hands weavers tie torn thread VN Interview Golubeva (synchronously) on the work of the Congress.

Landscape plans: Forest in the Fog, Lake Baikal, PNRM. on the water surface of the pond.

Alarm bell on the ship, the ship near the shore.

Tourists look at the lake with binoculars, a telescope.

Ship sails on the water, hiding in the mist.

Dark clouds over the lake.

Natural landscapes around Lake Baikal.

Museum of ancient Siberian life: group of tourists, wooden buildings.

The interior of the house, wood, samovar on the table.

PNRM. by rail, laid on the shore of the lake.

Abandoned, overgrown with grass track.

Research vessel, scientists are exploring the state of the waters of Lake Baikal.

Sailing boat on the lake.

Two boys lie on the beach.

Path of light on water from the setting sun.

Artists Theatre clowning "Actors" are preparing for the play.

Director of the theater Vyacheslav Polunin in clown makeup Asisyai.

Interview Polunin (synchronous and behind the scenes) on the establishment of the theater.

Actors communicate, play the fool, play each other.

Miniature clown theater "Actors" on stage.

Recital Slava Polunin.

Artists on stage with balls of different colors and sizes run balls in the room.

Fun in the hall and on the stage.


Golubev VN - Director of the Ivanovo textile factory, twice Hero of Socialist Labor. Polunin VI - Actor, director, clown. People's Artist of Russia.

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