Around the USSR № 227 Sergei Eisenstein. (1988)

Newsreel №14641, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:57
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Fomina Z.
Camera operators:Sosnickiy U.


On the creative director Sergei Eisenstein.

Reel №1

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Reel №2

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Movie №0

Playing handwriting biography and family photos SM Eisenstein.

Photo portraits Eisenstein.

Bookshelves, poster movie "Battleship Potemkin" on the wall, the overall look of the room in the museum Eisenstein.

Photo of a young Eisenstein.

Works of the artist-decorator Eisenstein for theater "Proletarian".

Photos of the play "The Wise Man Stumbles" staged by Eisenstein.

Footage from the first film SM Eisenstein's "Diary Glumova" (1923).

Newsreel 1925 .: Sergei Eisenstein posing against the backdrop of posters of his film.

Poster of the film "Strike" (1925).

Images from the paintings and photos on the set of Eisenstein.

Fragments of the movie "Battleship" Potemkin "(1925), including an episode on the Odessa steps and photos on the set.

Newsreel 1926 .: premiere of the film "Battleship" Potemkin "in Moscow, the people at the cinema.

Eisenstein and cameraman Eduard Tisza (largest).

Posters of the movie "Battleship" Potemkin "in Russian and foreign languages.

Photos from the shooting and fragments from the film "October" (1927).

Photo by Sergei Eisenstein during the filming of the picture "Old and New" (1929).

Newsreel 1929 .: Eisenstein on the train with the newspaper.

European city, traffic on the street, pedestrians.

Eisenstein on the ship.

Photos Eisenstein in America: walking down the street, photo from Chaplin.

Fragments of the movie "Viva Mexico!" (1931) Photo by Sergei Eisenstein in Mexico.

Photo: Eisenstein sits on the Potemkin stairs.

Drawings by Sergei Eisenstein.

Photos and newsreels .: 1936 on the set of the film "Bezhin meadow."

Photo by Sergei Eisenstein Film Institute.

PNRM. on the books on the table.

Newsreel 1930's .: Eisenstein in the classroom with students of the Institute of Cinematography.

Photos from the shooting and fragments from the film "Alexander Nevsky" (1938).

Newsreel 1930's .: award, the Order of Eisenstein attached to the jacket.

Filmmakers Vasiliev brothers.

Eisenstein worked with the composer Sergei Prokofiev on the music for the film.

Episodes of the film "Ivan the Terrible" (1944).

Newsreel 1944 .: Eisenstein looks at actor in a suit for the role.

Newsreel 1940 GG .: filmmaker's home chair leafing through a notebook, wrote.

Room SM Eisenstein, books on the shelves, handwritten lines on paper.

Desk Eisenstein, books, watches.

Photo of Young C ..


Newsreel 1940 .: yy film director and film crew at the cameras.

Photo by Sergei Eisenstein in the movie camera.

PNRM. on a book devoted to SM Eisenstein.


SM Eisenstein - Soviet film director.

Calendar: 1925 1926 1929 1936 1930s 1944 1940s

Locations: Moscow [820]

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