Soviet warrior № 3 Living word (Film Review number 3). . (1990)

Newsreel №14699, 1 part, duration: 0:10:00
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:A. Horjyakov
Screenwriters:V. Polyakov
Camera operators:A. Kolobrodov
Sound mixer:S. Solovjev
Other authors:V. Shishov


The issue tells about the work of a Military publishing house.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

An open old book.

One of the bas-reliefs taken from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, fragments of the bas-relief.

The farewell ceremony with the banner of the unit, the retiring serviceman kisses the banner.

The brass band of the unit is passing through the parade ground.

Newsreel of 1919: the Red cavalry on the offensive.

A red armored train is passing by.

Infantry in the trenches, fighting.

The telegraph machine is working.

The speaker speaks at the rally.

Loading ammunition into the echelon.

Sending an echelon.

A company of the guard of honor enters with the banners of the branches of the armed forces on the site in the park during a solemn event in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Military Publishing House.

Stands and exhibitions of books of the Military publishing house, deployed in the park.

People in the park are looking through the books of a Military publishing house.

panorama of one of the stands with books, people at the stand.

The building of the Military Publishing House in Moscow.

Production processes in the printing house of the publishing house.

Transportation of finished publications to the warehouse.

The editor-in-chief of the publishing house Kozharsky talks about the problems that concern the publishing house, about the topic of the Great

The Patriotic War, as the main topic for the publishing house, about the inexhaustibility of this topic, about new views on the topic of war,

about the requirements of readers, about the prospects for the release of memoirs of war veterans, about the publication of a multi-volume collection of letters from the front and "The History of the Great Patriotic War" (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Employees of the publishing house work with authors, plan layouts of publications.

Books published by a Military publishing house.

The building of the Institute of Military History.

Employees of one of the groups of the Institute at work.

The head of one of the groups, Professor Savushkin, talks about the work on the ten-volume edition of the History of the Great Patriotic War, about the tasks and goals of the new edition, about the wider use of archival documents of the Central Committee of the CPSU and various ministries and departments in the preparation of the publication (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Employees of the Institute work with the scientific reference apparatus in the reading room.

The faces of the researchers.

Institute staff at work, illustrations and maps in books.

Historical works and encyclopedias published by the publishing house.

The hall is on one of the floors of the Institute.

The cover of the publication "The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people".

The hand flips through the blank pages of the book.

Newsreel of June-July 1941: the dead machine gun crew of one of the units of the Red Army.

Wehrmacht soldiers pass by the bodies of dead machine gunners.

A column of Soviet prisoners of war is being escorted.

A German soldier walks past burning village houses.

A woman with a baby in her arms.

Covers of collections of documents of the pre-war period and the beginning of the war, issued by a Military publishing house.

People in the park are queuing for books.

People are looking through books.

The man talks about his military childhood, about his interest in the books of a Military publishing house and the need to produce truthful literature (synchronously and behind the scenes).

People at the collapse with books.

Newsreel of 1943: Soviet troops are moving forward in the conditions of spring thaw.

Sapper at work.

The gunners roll the gun up the hill.

The machine-gun crew overcomes the water barrier.

Carrying a wounded man on a stretcher, the wounded man's face.

Lightly wounded Red Army soldiers go to the rear.

Pushing a stuck truck out of the mud.

View of one of the front roads, the troops are moving West.

A battalion of captured banners in parade formation on Red Square on June 24, 1945.

A veteran plays the accordion.

The traditional meeting of fellow soldiers on May 9.

Faces of veterans.

A veteran with a camera in his hands.

Veterans pose for a photographer.

A military brass band is passing along the street.

Entrance from the Zvezda bookstore.

Buyers view and choose books.

The artist draws a portrait on the Arbat.

Caricatures of the leaders of the USSR and the USA.

Landscape trade on the Arbat.

People are walking along the Arbat.

People on Red Square.

Calendar: 1919 1941 1943 24.06.1945 1990

Locations: Moscow [820] USSR [863]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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