Documentary №19, 1 part, duration: 0:09:34
Production: Krasnoyarsk studio
Director:Reznikov I.
Camera operators:Mogilatov


The film is about Khakassia and work of local artist Vladimir Butanaeva.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Khakassia: ancient plate with painting on the background of the rising sun.

Rose flower.

Faces of the girls.


Sayan mountains, trees taiga.

The Yenisei river sailing ship.

Steppe, feather grass sways in the wind.

Rough river.

Painter Vladimir Butanaev works at the table.

Valais native women: two girls at the fence, an old woman smoking a pipe.

Vladimir Butanaev draws women from nature.

Herd of horses running across the field.

Herd of sheep.

Shepherds on horseback.

Drawings: portraits shepherds.

Exhibition of breeding cattle, sheep-rekordistki demonstration.

Lie in the palm of the coin with the image of the sheep.

The man with the camera.


Printed newspaper "Soviet Khakassia."

Vladimir Butanaev is among other passers-by.

Portrait of Lenin and other works Butanaeva.

People play on Khakassian national musical instruments.

On the river floats boat hydrofoil.

On the street in the mirror reflects road transportation vehicles.

Pedestrians on the avenue of the park having a rest on a bench.

Drawings of the artist Butanaeva: Portrait of young people, workers of different specialties.

Panel house, new building, in the house girls team of painters.

Young people.

Students playing chess at the table in the air, sitting next to them Butanaev.

Drawings made on the construction of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. Crane, people in hard hats, work on the construction of hydroelectric power plants.

Index "Abakan".

Printed newspaper "Soviet Khakassia."

Hardware local TV station, a wall of monitors.

Girl announcer speaks Khakassia and Russian languages.

The sign "Abakanvagonmash."

Welding work.

Emblem container plant.

Movement factory designs.

Work light industry, women work at sewing machines.

Women service machines that produce tissue.

Drawings of the artist Butanaeva: construction and landscapes of Khakassia.




Calendar: 1982

Locations: The Khakas area

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