Enisei River's Meridian 1993 № 3

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Galaganov V.


Issue of the journal devoted to the topic of insurance. The plot revolves around the activities of the Krasnoyarsk insurance company "Renaissance Credit".

Reel №1

People at the meeting dedicated to the Victory Day, waving flags.

The crowd at the monument to the heroes of the war.

Children sit on the artillery shells.

Insurance policy.

The director of the insurance company "Renaissance Credit" V.A.Revkuts.

Adults and children go down the alley past the fountain.

Veterans at the entrance to the building.

River flows.

People raft on the river on an inflatable catamaran.

People on the streets of the city, the movement of vehicles.

Advertising company "Renaissance Credit".

A fragment of an interview with a resident of Krasnoyarsk O.G.Zhdanovym.

The insurance certificate.

Complimentary ticket. O.G.Zhdanov represents journalists children, talks about the future.

Adults and children in the park alley.

Music and Humanities School number 6, a student leafing through notes.

Little girl looking at the camera.

Student of playing the piano.

The director of the school L.S.Davydova.

View of the school from the opposite bank of the river.

Flowering dandelions.

Girl eating ice cream.

Adults and children are walking in the park.

Broken car on the side of the road, passing by "Kamaz".

The director of the trade union branch of Industrial Bank "Yenisei" G.S.Nikiforov.

River rapids.


Panorama of the river, view of the port.

Port cranes.

Krasnoyarsk Refrigerator Plant, people go to the checkpoint.

Retired filled documents.

Stucco building at the entrance.

People at the entrance near the concert posters.

An employee of the insurance company says women the right insurance.

The documents on the table.

Alternation: employees make out documents, says V.A.Revkuts.

The river is a pleasure boat.

The waves at the edge of the shore.

View of the forest across the river.

Tells G.S.Nikiforov.

Employees working with documents.

The crowd in the square.

Beginning of the concert.


Krasnoyarsk Territory



Social life; Veterans