Secret War. Eve. (Film 1) (1991)

Documentary №20260, 7 parts, duration: 1:08:25
Director:Ivankin A.
Camera operators:Kolobrodov A.


On the Soviet intelligence in the prewar period.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Taken from the back: a man standing at the window - CU.

PNRM. on the jacket on the Order - CU.

A man looks out of the window - MS.

Bulldozer shovels earth (Rapid) - CU.

PNRM. with piles of earth at the construction site Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill - LS.

Photo: Hitler and his associates

L. Reichman watching video - MS.

Photo: Reichman in his youth - CU.

Reichman says (synchronously) - CU.

Newsreel 30's.:

PNRM. a swastika on a building - MS.

Nazi flags - CU.

Nazi parade - MS., LS.

Participants of the parade on horseback with a swastika on the costumes - CU.

Looking girl - CU.

Passing girls at the parade on horseback - CU.

Hitler on parade - CU.

Photo writer Zoe Resurrection in his youth - CU.

Z. says Resurrection (synchronous) - MS.

Newsreel 30's.:

Hitler was surrounded by Nazis on parade - MS.

Are carrying banners with swastikas on parade - MS.

Z. says Resurrection (synchronous) - MS.

Newsreel 30's.:

Sneaked a swastika on a Nazi parade - MS.

Nazi costume parade - MS.

Z. says Resurrection (synchronous) - CU.

Newsreel 30's.:

It takes a column in the parade of the Nazis in Germany - MS.

Columns pass by Hitler - LS., MS., PNRM. on passing soldier

Photo Sudoplatov in his youth - CU., NPL

Sudoplatov says (synchronously) - MS.

Newsreel 30's.:

Hitler and Gerring on parade - MS.

Sudoplatov says (synchronously) - MS.

Newsreel 30's.:

Columns are Nazis on parade - LS., PNRM. (Shot from above)

The military parade is held in front of Hitler - MS.

Hitler takes the salute - CU.

Photos of Heinz Felfe - CU.

Says Mr.

Felfe, Humboldt University law professor and former soldiers of the Wehrmacht (synchronous) - MS.

Newsreel 30's. (Footage of pre-war German film)

USSR: the street from the barracks - LS.

Domna - LS.

Casting iron - CU.

Brewed steel - CU.

Casting steel vats - CU.

The ship is coming off the slips - CU.

Hydroelectric dam - LS.

Water falls from a hydroelectric dam - CU.

Stalin and others at the hydroelectric dam - MS.

Trolley - CU., Shot from above

Workers pushing the cart - MS.

Workers hit a huge sledgehammer - MS.

Metal Works - LS.

The girl's face - CU.

Flag - MS.

Arrives "funnels» - MS.

Workers pushing the cart - CU.

Working hammer strikes the ground - CU.

Plant - MS.

Face steelmaker - CU.

Arrives "funnels» - MS.

Workers pushing the cart - CU., Shot from above

Workers hit a rock - CU.

The girl's face - CU.

Security officers ran out of the car - MS.

Hit a rock - CU.

Fluttering flag - CU.

A person working - CU.

Stalin on the platform (Rapid) - CU.

On the platform of the car rides Orchestra - MS.

Stalin's face - CU.

Building typography "Pravda» - LS.

Workers hit a rock - MS.

Typesetting "Pravda» - CU.

Rotary printing machine - MS., CU.

Hammer blow - CU.

Different newspapers 30s. - CU.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Different photos of Stalin - kr., NPL

Headlines 30-x - cr.

Newsreel 30-ies.:

1937: Evening Demonstration - commonly.

Demonstrators carry banners - cf.

Spectators in the Hall of Columns at the trial of "Trotskyists" - cf.

The prosecutor VYSHINSKY the process - cf.

Says the man - kr.

Judges at the trial - commonly., From the top

The audience in the hall - Wed

Address Vyshinsky on the process (synchronously) - cf.

The defendants - cf.

Address Vyshinsky on the process (synchronously) - cf.

Judges in the process - cf.

Address Vyshinsky (synchronous) - cf.

The defendants - cf.

Cover newsreel for 1937 - Wed, multrabota

Listen to the people in the hall - Wed, gen.

The woman's face - kr.

Listen to the people - cf.

Says the worker (synchronous block of Trotskyist) - kp.

Said a female worker (synchronous) - cf.

A woman cries out from the place (synchronous) - cf.

Columns of demonstrators during the night (1937) - gen.

Germany: flying over the tops of the mountains (Alps) - gen.

Landscape in the mountains - commonly.

The balcony hangs a flag with a swastika - cf.

Hitler sits in a chair at home - cf.

Hitler's face - kr.

Alpine landscape - commonly.

Hitler at his villa in the mountains - Wed, filmed from behind

Photo: German soldiers

Photo by R. Heydrich - cf.

Felpham says G. (synchronous) - cf.

Photo: Von Hammerstein in his youth - kr.

Says von Hammerstein (former Wehrmacht lieutenant) (synchronous) - gen., Impact

Newsreel 30-ies.:

1936: Military parade on Red Square, Tukhachevsky rides on a horse - commonly.

Red Army soldiers in formation on the parade - cf.

Tukhachevsky in the military at the parade - cf.

By Red Square are Red - commonly.

Delegates at the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in the meeting room - commonly.

Listening NK Krupskaya, and MI Ulyanov - kr.

Listens to the man - kr.

From the rostrum of the USSR Supreme Council stands Tukhachevsky M. (synchronous) - kr.

Listening delegates - commonly.

Says Tukhachevsky (synchronous) - cf.

Night torchlight procession Nazis - gen., Wed.

Says von Hammerstein (synchronous) - cf.

Photos of Chief of the Imperial German Intelligence Shelenberga and others the military - kr.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photos of Hitler, looking through a magnifying glass - CU.

Says Mr.

Felfe (synchronous) - CU.

Newsreel 30's.:

Headlines in 1937 - CU.

Operate rotating machines in the printing - MS., CU.

In printing papers pack - LS.

Headlines in 1937 - CU., Photo: Hitler looks through a magnifying glass, photo, Stalin, Voroshilov, Kaganovich, Molotov, headlines

Photo: Tukhachevsky - MS.

Photo: Tukhachevsky Eideman, Putna and other commanders were shot - CU., NPL newspaper

Wave the flag with a swastika - CU.

Alpine landscape - LS.

Hitler was on the balcony of his villa in the hills - MS.

Says Mr.

Felfe (synchronous) - MS.

Newsreel 30's.:

The steps of the villa rises Hitler, Goebbels - MS.

Guests at the villa Hitler - LS.

Laughs Ribbentrop - CU.

Hitler with guests - MS.

Hitler's guests, including Bormann - MS.

Hitler with guests - MS.

Tukhachevsky - CU.

Soviet commanders (Egorov, etc.) - MS., CU.

Marshal Blucher - CU.

Marshal Yegorov - CU.

Marshal Tukhachevsky and sit Uborevich - CU.

Sit marshals Egorov and Blucher - CU.

1936: Spasskaya Tower - CU.

Troops in Red Square - LS., Shot from above

Pass near the Mausoleum Red commanders - Tukhachevsky and others - MS.

Blucher with commanders - MS.

Red Army soldiers stand in formation - MS.

Commanders are on parade - MS.

Warlords - CU.

The Mausoleum are Soviet commanders - MS.

Red held at the parade on Red Square - LS.

1939: Pre-war Moscow - LS.

Moscow River - LS.

Photo: Hitler surrounded by German commanders - CU., NPL

Photos of General Halder, photo Canaris - CU.

Halder photo, photo of Stalin, photo Halder - CU., Departure

Newsreel 30's.:

1939: Hitler gets in the car - MS.

Passing car with Hitler - LS.

Motorcade - MS.

Moscow: The field airfield are people who have met the German delegation - MS., LS.

Are German generals - MS.

Greeters - MS.

Airplane is flying in the sky - LS.

Said Von Hammerstein (synchronous) - MS., Hitting

Newsreel 30's.:

1939: The airfield is the aircraft with a swastika - CU.

Ribbentrop gets in the car - MS.

Cars passing by the German ambassador - MS.

Photo: Molotov signed the Soviet-German pact, photo Ribbentrop, Stalin Photos - CU.

Printer: women work - MS.

Man working in a printing house - MS.

Machines work in a printing house - CU.

Newspapers on the line - CU.

Quote in the newspaper - CU.

Said Von Hammerstein (synchronous) - CU.


Photo: Hitler surrounded by supporters - CU.

Newsreel 30's.:

1939: Brest-Litovsk - LS.

Out of the building overlook the Soviet commanders - MS.

Soviet and German generals - CU.

Parade of Soviet and German forces at Brest-Litovsk - LS., MS.

German general on parade - CU.

Passing military equipment - MS.

Soviet and German generals on parade - MS.

Soldiers - MS., PNRM.

Faces of war - CU.

Cover pre-war newsreel - CU.

Farmers sit on a grass - LS.

Said agitator - CU.

People listen - CU.

Political studies - MS.

Listen to women - CU.

Agitator map lays on the ground - MS.

Listen to women - MS.

People view the map - MS.

Go carts - MS.

Red Army border guards - MS.

Flyer in German - CU.

People pull flyer each other - MS.

Croup running horse - CU., Removed from the cart

Wagon rides over the bridge - LS.

Wagon rides across the border - MS.

Are the people around carts - LS.

On a cart with a swastika flag - MS.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Hands Raikhman - CU.

Reichman says (synchronously) - CU.

Newsreel 30's.:

Man pours milk from Kyle refugees - MS.

Skydivers (scouts) on the ground - training - CU.

Paratroopers on the ground after landing - MS.

Man eating out of the pot - MS.

Skydiver is on the ground - CU.

Paratroopers train on the ground - MS.

Are the Russian Cossacks - MS.

Cossack says (synchronously in German) - CU.

Russian Cossack ensemble - MS.

Smacks Cossack - MS.

Skydivers - LS., MS.

Cossack dancing feet - CU.

Cossack dancing - LS.

Cossack - CU.

Legs Cossack - CU. Jump out of the hatch plane to land paratroopers - CU.

Paratroopers in training on the ground - MS., CU.

Documents in German - CU.

Skydivers jumping from an airplane - MS.

Parachutist in the sky - MS.

Slings parachute - CU.

Landing paratrooper - CU.

Building on Lubyanka NKVD - LS.

Photo: Ezhov and Stalin - MS.

Says former NKVD Viktor Ilyin (synchronous) - MS., Hitting

Photo Ilyin in his youth - CU.

Ilyin says (synchronously) - CU.

Hands Ilina - CU.

Ilyin says (synchronously) - CU.

PNRM. the stairs in the building of the KGB - CU.

Photo KGB - CU.

PNRM. and hit a bust of Felix Dzerzhinsky in the KGB building

Newsreel 1926:

Funeral Dzerzhinsky: columns of people on the streets of Moscow - LS., Removed from the passage

Dzerzhinsky in the coffin - CU.

M. Tukhachevsky's coffin - CU.

Kalinin, Stalin, Voroshilov's coffin Dzerzhinsky - MS.

Dzerzhinsky in the coffin - MS.

Stalin, Molotov, at the tomb of Dzerzhinsky - MS.

Newsreel 1937:

Feast of the NKVD: auditorium of the Bolshoi Theater - LS., MS.

Yezhov was sitting in the presidium of the Bolshoi Theater - CU.

Applauding audience - different.

Frikovsky on the podium - CU.

The audience in the Bolshoi Theatre - LS.

Frikovsky says (synchronously) - CU.

People listen to - MS., CU.

The Bureau applauds - MS.

The audience applauded - MS.

Frikovsky says (synchronously) - CU.

The Bureau applauds - MS.

The audience applauded - MS., LS.

The Bureau applauds - MS.

Solovki prisoners work - LS., MS.

Prisoners are gates of the camp - MS.

Travel along the stacks of firewood - MS.

Telegram Ramsay - CU.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1940:

Germany: train pulls up to the platform.

Engine smoke - CU., Shot from above

People on the train platform suitable welcome - MS.

PNRM. to the engine with a swastika - LS.

Says a former translator Stalin diplomat Valentin Berezhkov (synchronous) - CU.

Photo: Berezhkov Stalin - CU.

Berezhkov says (synchronously) - CU.

Newsreel 1940:

Germany: the platform of the train arrives with a delegation from the USSR - MS.

Greeters German generals - MS.

Molotov Ribbentrop greeting on the platform - MS., CU.

Molotov greets German generals - MS.

Molotov is along the guard of honor - LS., MS.

Car pulls up to the entrance - LS.

Molotov out of the car - MS.

Molotov talks with Hitler - MS., CU.

Hitler and Gerring go around the room - LS., Shot from above

Hitler and Gerring the desk in Hitler's office - LS., MS.

Barbarossa text in German - CU.

Photos of General Halder - CU.

Photo: Hitler surrounded by generals.

Ribbentrop, Hitler m (filmed from behind) - CU.

Building of the KGB - MS.

Corridor management - MS., Removed from the movement

Photo: clink glasses with Stalin's personal photographer Hoffman - CU.

Berezhkov says (synchronously) - CU.

Photo: Hitler and Hoffmann - MS.

Various photos of Hitler - CU.

Newsreel 1940:

People at a diplomatic reception at the German Embassy - MS., CU.

Berezhkov says (synchronously) - CU., Departure

Photos of General Golikov, intelligence chief control of the Red Army and Stalin - CU.

Newsreel 1940:

Antebellum Moscow - LS., PNRM., Shot from above

Reichman says (synchronously) - CU.

Hands Reichman - CU.

Reichman says (synchronously) - CU.

Hands Reichman - CU.

Reichman says (synchronously) - CU., MS.

On the table is a cup - CU.

Reichman says (synchronously) - MS., CU.

Commandant lays bricks on doie - MS.

Park in Moscow - LS., PNRM.

Says Mr.

Keggel, an official of the German Embassy, ​​the German intelligence agent (simultaneously in German) - MS.

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1940:

Antebellum Moscow: Okhotny number - MS.

Keggel says (synchronously) - CU.

Photo: Schellenberg was young.

Cards with the NDP in German - CU., PNRM.

Keggel says (synchronously) - CU.

Newsreel 1940:

Antebellum Moscow - LS.

PNRM. for apples in a vase, table - CU.

Photo Count von Schulenburg, the German Ambassador in Moscow - CU.

Says Zoya Resurrection (synchronous) - MS.

Photo: Resurrection in his youth - MS.

Photo Schulenburg - MS.

Says Zoya Resurrection (synchronous) - MS.

Photo: Resurrection in his youth - MS.

Photo Schulenburg - MS.

Newspaper with a message of June 14, 1941 - CU.

Says a former Soviet spy Yuri Kolesnikov (synchronous) - CU.

Picture: Kolesnikov during the war - CU.

Kolesnikov says (synchronously) - CU.

Photos Chief Intelligence Directorate of the NKVD Paul Fitina - CU.

Kolesnikov says (synchronously) - CU., MS.

Photo Fitina and Stalin - CU.

Newsreel 1940:

The pre-war Moscow.

Passing car - CU.

People on the streets of Moscow - MS., Rapid

Photo: boat on the river, another photo from the urban landscape, NPL to documents in a foreign language, photo Sandor Rado, the Hungarian Communist scientist-cartographer, telegrams Rado

Said Ruth Werner (assistant Richard Sorge and Sandor Rado) (synchronous) - MS.

Photo Werner in youth-friendly - MS.

Werner says (synchronously) - MS., LS.

Reel №7

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo: Richard Sorge in a kimono.

Text of the telegram.

Photo of Stalin - kr.

NDP in the room Werner.

Werner for the typewriter, the NDP at the window - cf.

Cover newsreel of 1944 - kr.

Newsreel November 1944:

Moscow, Kremlin Palace - the Society.

View from the Moscow River with the Kremlin - commonly.

Department Store building - commonly.

Bolshoi Theatre - commonly.

House of Unions - cf.

The Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Included Stalin and other members of the government - commonly., Wed.

Cheering in the hall - commonly.

Applauding Stalin - cf.

Hall applauds - commonly.

Applaud Kalinin, Molotov - cf.

Applauds the Bureau - cf.

Stalin said from the podium (in sync about the Second World War, the unpreparedness of "peace-loving nations" to the war) - cf.

Listen - commonly.

Says Stalin (synchronous) - kr.

Listening - cf.

Says Stalin (synchronous) - kr.

Listening - cf.

Military command to give a salute - cf.

Volley salute from the guns - cf.

Aircraft in the skies over Moscow - commonly.

Photo of Stalin - Wed

Volley salute from the guns - cf.

Aircraft in the skies over Moscow - commonly., Cr.

Volleys of shells - cf.

Photos of Richard Sorge - kr., Departure

Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow - the Society., Impact

Newsreel, 1941:

German soldiers were on a raft crossing the river - Wed, Rapid

Smokes a German soldier - kr., Rapid

German soldiers lie - Wed, Rapid

Are German soldiers - Wed, cr., Rapid

German planes in the air - kr., Rapid

German plane dive - kr.

Multrabota: From the airplane door drops a bomb - kr.

Reel №8

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Reel №9

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

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