Boris Chertok. Shot in the universe. (2009)

Film №20284, 1 series, duration: 0:52:00
Production: Studio Roscosmos
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Dmitriy Svergun
Screenwriters:Nadezhda Suslova
Camera operators:Vyacheslav Krasakov, Boris Gotgelf, Maxim Froyants, Evgeniy Petrov, Sergey Selivanov


About Academician Boris Chertok - creator of the National school of spacecraft control.

Temporary description:

Spacecrafts, astronauts, R-2, R-5M, R-7, Rauschenbach, Korolev, Leonov, Soyuz 1, Soyuz-11, von Braun, Apollo-Soyuz, space shuttle Atlantis, space station "Mir"

Reel №1

Academician Chertok walking down the street.

Old military photo.

Newsreel: Lenin's funeral.

Newsreel: people in the lab, a man looks through a microscope.

Chertok is on the street.

Says Professor Valery MAI Burdakov.

Entry of the missile.

Spacecraft in space docking.

Says the eldest son Boris Chertok Chertok Valentin.

There is Chertok (Building), sits at the table, gives autographs, take flowers.

Says veteran rocket and space industry Oleg Ivanovski.

Newsreel, 1945: Germany, Berlin.

Soviet regulirovschitsa on the street.

Old photos: Chertok in military uniforms, etc.

Newsreel, 1945: Werner von Braun.

Rocket V-2. The launch.

They burn the building collapse.

Streets of Berlin.

Fraternization soldiers on the streets.

Military photos.

Newsreel 1965: Athens.


International Congress.

Cosmonauts Leonov, Belyaev.

Says cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Leonov.

Newsreel: Korolev in the laboratory.


Chertok says.

Newsreel 40-ies.: People near the rocket, rocket, people loaded boxes.

There is a train, a man on the train.

Kapustin Yar.

The launch R-1.

Says Valentin Chertok.

Old photo: Chertok and his son.

Newsreel: The first meeting of the Board, Korolev et al.

The explosion of the rocket.

Takeoff of rocket R-2.

Says cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Alexey Eliseev.

Old photos.

Says veteran rocket and space industry Vakhtang Vachnadze.

Rocket R-5M.

Nuclear explosion.

Chertok says.

Old photos.

Says Valentin Chertok.

Newsreel: Moscow Aviation Plant № 22, shop factory production.

Photo of Catherine Golubkina - wife of Boris Chertok.

Chertok says.

The streets of Moscow.

Chertok on the street.

Newsreel: shop, stall.

Chertok in the laboratory.

Says the younger son Chertok - Michael Chertok.

Rocket R-7.

Newsreel: blast-off.

Missiles in the shop.

They're bringing them a rocket.

People in size.

Takeoff of the rocket.

Newsreel 50-ies.: The first satellite, the people have the equipment.

There is Khrushchev, Khrushchev and the people.

USA. Statue of Liberty.


Academician Sedov.

Rocket R-7, blast-off.

Newsreel: message radio announcer on space exploration, people listening to the radio, listen to satellite signals, a man looks through a telescope, shop factory, Korolev, designers, drawings.

Mathematician Rauschenbach.

Korolev rises on a lift.

Design Bureau.

Rauschenbach et al.


Says the wife academic Raushenbaha Vera Rauschenbach.

Newsreel: station to photograph the moon.

Shooting back, invisible side of the moon.

Newspapers with photos.

Rauschenbach, Chertok, and others out of the car.

Khrushchev with the officers.

Red Square.


A fragment of x / f "Aelita"

Newsreel: America, KB. Khrushchev on the podium.

Korolev at the phone.

KB, spacecraft.

Korolev at the launch site.

Professor Lebedinsky.

Start missiles.

Boris Chertok.

Newsreel 1961: "Vostok", take off.

Korolev at the cosmodrome.

Gagarin passes through the streets.

Rewarding Chertok.

Says Michael Chertok.

Chertok with Luzhkov at the opening of the monument to the Queen.

Laying flowers at the monument.

Says Valentin Chertok.

Chertok table, drinking tea.

Photo: Korolev with Gagarin, Korolev and his colleagues and others

Newsreel: Korolev applauds cosmonaut, an astronaut in a spacesuit with missiles.

Newsreel: burning wreckage of the rocket "Soyuz-1", people from the wreckage, funerals astronaut.

Newsreel: a report of the commander of the Soyuz-11 "Colonel Dobrovolsky.

Volkov, kid, Dobrovolsky, go to the cosmodrome, climb into the rocket.

Fragments of the rocket.

The bear injured, attempts resuscitation.

Says Alex Eliseev.

Newsreel: Chertok in KB with colleagues.

USA. Von Braun.

Astronauts preparing to fly to the moon.

USSR. Chertok at the table with his colleagues.

Says academician of the Academy of Astronautics.

KE Tsiolkovsky George Priess.

Newsreel, 1969: blast-off with the words USA, Americans on the moon.

America, the people on the streets, welcomed the astronauts, flags.

Newsreel: the creation of an orbital station, Chertok and his colleagues in the laboratory.

The Soyuz-15 "in outer space.

The meeting, Chertok.

Says Alex Eliseev.

Newsreel: Chertok in the drawing, the American and Russian astronauts in space.

Docking system.

Says Vakhtang Vachnadze.


Newsreel 1975: docking of the Union "and" Apollo ", the American and Russian astronauts greet each other, watched in MCC.

Newsreel in 1995: a celebration on the occasion of docking space shuttle Atlantis and the station "Mir".

Chertok at the ceremony.

Congratulations astronauts.

Newsreel: running the 1 st block of the station "Mir".

Station "Mir".

Training an astronaut.

Astronauts working in space.

Chertok walking down the street, sitting on the bench.

Says Michael Chertok.

Chertok on the grave of his wife.

USA. New York.

City (from helicopter).


Chertok gives autographs, signed their books and photographers.

Says the head of the Federal Space Agency Anatoly Perminov.

MSTU. Bauman at the Royal readings favor Chertok.

Said Alexei Leonov.

Chertok with colleagues, students, sign books.

Says Michael Chertok.

Chertok rides in the car.

The streets of Moscow.

Chertok, as a reward, he said.

Chertok speaking before an audience.

Chertok lectures with students in the NPO Energia.

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