Black Sea Fleet. (1942)

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Director: Belyaev V.

Operators: Mikosha V. Rymarev D. Korotkevich F. Krichevsky A. Donets, G., Smolka A.


Defence of Sevastopol (2 World War II)

Reel №1

Reel №2

The soldiers at the forefront of defense of Sevastopol.

Marine commanders have observed through binoculars for the positions of the Germans.

Part of the coastal army under the command of Major-General I. Petrova occupy positions close to the sailors.

Shelling of enemy positions.

Group of military leaders discuss military operations.

Access to the sea submarine.

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Movie №1

Part 1.

Landscapes Sevastopol bay.

Monuments to heroes of the defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean War.

Anti-aircraft batteries were firing at enemy aircraft.

German artillery shelled the Soviet airfield.

The bombings in Sevastopol, the destruction of buildings.

Return of Soviet aircraft after an air battle on the airfield.

Pilots on vacation.

Street View of Sevastopol with the destroyed houses.

Navy ships in the port.

Hospital in the quarries of Inkerman.

Caring for the wounded.

Making min in a workshop for making weapons.

View of an armored train "Zhelezniakov" going to perform combat missions.

Part 2.

The soldiers on the front line of defense of Sevastopol.

The commanders of the marine units are observing through binoculars at the German positions.

Part of the Maritime Army, under the command of Major-General Petrov take positions next to the sailors.

Artillery bombardment of enemy positions.

Group commanders discussing military operation.

Out to sea submarine.

Part 3.

Soviet submarine at sea.

The landing of a submarine after its ascent to the shore.

Military ships and torpedo boats in the sea.

Admission to the party sailors before the fight.

Actions marines ashore.

Part 4. The Soviet battleship firing of shells at enemy batteries.

The fire on the deck of the ship.

The landing of a torpedo boat.

Kind of dead Germans, broken enemy guns.

The injured sailors, German prisoners.

Part 5. The squadron of Soviet ships in the sea.

Putting out the fire on the ship.

Artillery fire on the enemy.

The doctor operates the wounded Red Navy.

The return of the ships to the base.

6 part.

Speech Brigade Moscow actors in front of the defenders of Sevastopol.

Armored Train "Zhelezniakov" is shelling enemy positions.

Attack the enemy sailors, take firing position.

7 part.

Nazi bomb explosions in Sevastopol.

The streets of Sevastopol after the bombing.

The evacuation of the wounded from Sevastopol, women and children on warships and transports.

Infantry attack on the enemy.

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