Enisei River's Meridian 1997 № 1

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Kuznecova L.


The story of the conversion of the defense enterprise, interviews with the director of GP KHK "Yenisei".

Reel №1

Gate chemical plant "Yenisei".

Says CEO V.S.Goncharov.

Factory construction.

Work comes into the shop.

On the territory of the plant drives a truck.


An employee of the plant.

A woman puts on the table a plastic container with small details.

The plant's products.

The festive meeting dedicated to the Victory Day.


Director of the company is among the workers, people with umbrellas.

Veterans smoke cigarettes.

The workers stand at the entrance to the plant.

Veterans are a garland of fir branches.

Military awards on veteran chest.

Alternating: the faces of people, an orchestra.

Director of the plant under an umbrella.


Factory construction.

The director works in the office.

Work takes the readings.

Tells V.S.Goncharov.

Structures on the territory of the plant.

Samples of items on the table. V.S.Goncharov.

Stages of production of linoleum.

V.S.Goncharov, continued the interview.

Showcase with goods KHK "Yenisei".

Samples oilcloth on the stands.

Buyer carries cans of paint.

A woman enters the store.


Samples of the goods in the store.

Manufacture of linoleum.

Work shows samples of linoleum.

She gets out of the machine ready to use plastic containers.

Woman examines hockey sticks.

Warehouse school furniture. V.S.Goncharov.

Sturgeon fish.

Director of the magazine opens.

Working fisheries catch and weigh the fish.

Adult fish and fry.

Working lunch in the cafeteria.

Production of building materials.

Workers covered sacking spring mattress.

Work Leafs samples of wrapping paper.

People talk at the bench.

Transportation of building materials on the truck.

Banks with enamel on the assembly line, the worker puts the lid on the jar.

Worker puts the banks in sealed boxes.

Samples of consumer goods.

Factory buildings.

In the courtyard stands a truck.

From running down the street pipe is steam.

Woman writes in the journal.

Goods in stock.

Working in the shop.

Sold by the buyer measures the oilcloth.

Senior podium.

Operators with cameras.

Attendees at the meeting.

Emblem of Russia on the wall.

People in the stands, a man straightens hair.

Speaker V.S.Goncharov.

The operator holds the camera, writing in a notebook.

Participants of the meeting talking to each other.


The audience in the hall.

Sculpture in the courtyard of the plant.

The movement of urban transport.

Buyers go to the store KHK "Yenisei".

Emblem of Russia.

View of the road (shooting from the car).

Key words



Krasnoyarsk [923]


Spring [825]

Industry; Veterans