Enisei River's Meridian 1999 № 3 Perhaps in Russian

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Zverev A.


Special edition devoted to the achievements of the champion swimmer Yu.M.Lopatina.

Reel №1

Krasnoyarsk Territory, Yeniseisk, near the Dormition Monastery passing car.

Along the walls of the monastery is a woman.

The camera moves back, the general view of the monastery.

Yu.M.Lopatin the monastery; I put a candle in church.

The priest conducts the service.

Yu.M.Lopatin cross and beats bows.

Past the monastery pass teenagers on bicycles.

Orphaned children are engaged in sewing.

Yu.M.Lopatin turns working gloves, talking to a woman.

The girl's face.

Works of children on the stand.

Yu.M.Lopatin talking with children.

Those children.

On the side of the road there are people and cars, people on the balcony of a two-storey building.

July 27, 1999, adults and children escorted Yu.M.Lopatina in the daily swim.

Yu.M.Lopatin talks with the rector of the Church of the Assumption.

Top view of the waterfront.

The priest reads the prayer.

Father Gennady blesses athlete faces of children and adults.

People in boat maintenance.

Yu.M.Lopatin enters the water.

A man sitting on the beach.

The operator with the camera.

Accompanying boat.

Yu.M.Lopatin in water.

On the horizon a freighter.

A man sends a message over the radio.

The man with the dog on the bench.

Crew members speak in the wheelhouse.

Clouds over the forest.

The ship's bell.

Clouds in the sky.

Meeting cargo ships on the river.

Onboard mooring.

The cargo on deck.

The foam on the water trail.

Tugboat pushing cargo platform.

The man at the side.

Tug comes to board the vessel.

Onboard mooring.

Foam trail astern of the tug.

Articles about Yu.M.Lopatine newspapers.


River waves.

For an athlete to be a boat.

Yu.M.Lopatin floats.

The man at the oars.

People were talking on the radio.

The operator is shooting from the boat.

Yu.M.Lopatin boat.

Athlete help to get up and transplanted in tow.

Yu.M.Lopatin and go along the side of the operator.

Yu.M.Lopatin lies on a mattress on the deck.

Athlete wipes his face.

River waves.

Swimmer doing massage Yu.M.Lopatin drinking tea.

People at the table.

Motor boat in tow.

Solar patches of light on water.

House-champion swimmer in the village.

A woman hanging laundry in the yard, it's snowing.

The owner transposes the window frame.

People come out of the house on the street.

People go on the road along the fence.


Lopatin Yu - Athlete, swimmer, champion, president of orphans Polaris.


Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Different kinds of sports