Nuclear submarine project 705 (1961-1973)

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Scene №1 Nuclear submarine project 705

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Nuclear complex automated submarine project 705 into the sea.

Specifications boat.

The crew of the submarine at the console.

Create a submarine in size.

Training of personnel in the stands.

Officers at the console of the submarine.

Installation of the turbine unit submarine in the shop.

Submarine in the sea.

Officers at the control panel.

Tests on the bench.

Dive the submarine.

Blocks of the submarine.

Officers at the control panel.

Talking to scientists in size.

Employees of CB in the shop.

Compartments and the submarine units.

Project 705 submarine at sea.

Building Machinery Bureau of the Ministry of sudopromyshlennosti USSR.

Awards Office.

Academician NN Isanin office.

At the table sat the chief designer of the submarine project 705 MG Rusanov, and Academician AP Aleksandrov.

At a table in his office: AP Alexandrov, NN Isanin, academicians Leipunsky, VA Trapeznikov, AG Yosifyan.

Navy leadership institute at the table, among them Vladimir Gordeev KI Martynenko.

The territory of the Leningrad Admiralty New Plant (Admiralty Shipyards)

Performs plant manager Kharitonov.

Working in the shop of the plant.

Submarine assembly plant.

22/04/1969: submarine slope to the water, meeting in the shop.

Meeting at the plant.

Completion of the submarine in port.

Submarine in Severodvinsk.

11/23/1973: The Rise of the flag of the Navy on a submarine.

The commander of the submarine, AS Pushkin.

Members of the commission on a submarine, including Academician Aleksandrov.

Deputy Chief of the Navy acts as Admiral G. Yegorov.

Sea trials submarine in the White Sea.

The crew of the submarine.

Project 705 submarine at sea.

Key words

Tests of the submarine


Isanin N.N. -- naval architect, designer of surface ships and submarines Rusanov M.G. -- Designer submarines Aleksandrov A.P. -- Soviet physicist Lejpunskij A.I. -- Soviet physicist Trapeznikov V.A. -- Soviet scientist Josifjyan A.G. -- Soviet scientist Pushkin A.S. -- kapitan1-rank Egorov G.M. -- Soviet naval

Calendar: 1961-1973

Locations: St. Petersburg (Leningrad)


Submarine "Lyra" Admiralty Shipyards

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