Moscow Military. (1941)

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Scene №1 Moscow Military

The Kremlin, The Grand Kremlin Palace, the Kremlin towers Vasilevsky descent.

Red Square - the Mausoleum of disguise, is a patrol, passing trucks and cars.

Camouflaged the Bolshoi Theatre building, is a patrol.

Gorky Street driven balloons.,

It takes a column of soldiers.

The inhabitants of Moscow, the military read Resolution of the State Defense Committee.

The text of the Resolution of the State Defense Committee.

Zhukov's card.

Konev, and the captains of the headquarters of the card.

On a Moscow street tractor pulls a gun, passing carts and trucks.

Are sandbags.

Muscovites build defensive barriers, working adults and children.

Muscovites dig antitank ditches.

Anti-urchins in the street, a military patrol stopped the machine, checks the documents.

Streets of Moscow's military, passing riders, tram, truck.

All have guns.

Muscovites are recorded in units of the militia; receive uniforms, rifles and grenades.

Men have a gun.

It takes teams militia fighters.

Manufacture of ordnance and munitions factories of Moscow.

Gorky Street passing convoy of tanks, is detachment of fighters in camouflage overalls.

On Mayakovsky Square passing trucks with soldiers and tanks.

Column of tanks passing along the street.

On Mayakovsky Square passes troop of cavalry.

Gorky Street passing trucks with soldiers, stand carts.

Trucks and tanks on the street.

Passes a platoon of soldiers in camouflage coveralls, passing carts.

Rides detachment of cavalry.

Muscovites are in the construction of anti-tank ditches.

Men set the wooden barricades, antitank hedgehogs; make barbed wire.

Women, men sawing the trees in the forest.

Sawed trees.

Over the forest fly an airplane.

Camouflaged bunker in the woods.

Machine gunner on the roof.

Sentry gun in the street.

Anti-urchins in the street.

Manufacture of instruments at the Moscow plant.

Shoot anti-aircraft guns.

Rangefinder on the street.

Men gather in the shop machines.

Women on the conveyor collect shells, shells on the assembly line.

Armory, hanging a banner "For the complete defeat of the German invaders!"

On the platforms of transportation boxes of ammunition.

Key words

Defense of Moscow Children in war


Zhukov G.K. Konev I.S.




Autumn [826] Winter [823]

World War II

Scene №2 Moscow Military

Balloons in the air.

Anti-urchins in the building, passing motorcyclists.

Balloon in the background of the monument to Alexander Pushkin; rotates rangefinder.

Barricades of sacks on the streets of Moscow.

Red Square - passing cars, masked the Lenin Mausoleum.

Are the anti-aircraft gunners.

Poster "Defend Moscow."

Stalin at the microphone.

Detachment of soldiers pass through Red Square.


Stalin I.V.






Autumn [826]

Towns and countries; World War II