The Soviet space program. (1950 - 1969)

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Scene №1 The Soviet space program

1961: Gagarin on the mausoleum.

Khrushchev at the mausoleum.

Launch of the spacecraft.

50-ies.: Korolyov and other designers are working with the drawings at the table.

Launch at Baikonur.

Photo by S. Korolev.

The launch - the color. and b / w.

Launch at startup, in the air.

80-ies.: The wife of S. Korolev K. Vintsentini sits by the window.

Photos of the Queen with his wife.

60-ies.: Korolev checks the connection on the phone.

Launch on startup.


Khrushchev, NS - Soviet statesman YA Gagarin - The first astronaut Korolev SP - Scientist, designer of rocket and space technology Vintsentini K. - wife of SP Queen


50-ies. 60-ies. 80-ies.



Science; Space

Scene №2 The Soviet space program

S. Korolev, wrote at the table.

Draftsmen of the Kuhlmann in the design bureau (KB).

Employees of the assembly of outer unit in the hangar.

Color capsule.

The first group of cosmonauts, including Yuri Gagarin, in the shop at the device.

S. Korolev speaks with Yuri Gagarin.

Korolev speaks with Titov.

Astronauts have missiles in the hangar.

Driven by a missile at the site.

Installation of the rocket.

Gagarin passes a medical examination.

rocket at launch.

Gagarin in the suit.

Gagarin goes to the bus. sits on the bus rides.

Gagarin and Titov in the bus.


Gagarin says goodbye to Korolev.

Gagarin goes to the rocket, climbs into a rocket.

Korolev checks the connection.

Launch on startup.

Gagarin was a rocket.

The launch of "Vostok-1".

Korolev speaks with Gagarin through a microphone.

Astronauts sit.

Staff members at the board.

Queens on the landing site Gagarin.


Military drives a peg.

Monument to Gagarin's landing site.

Moscow residents meet Gagarin fly flyers.

Gagarin drives a car, welcomes people.

The launch at the landfill.

Photos of the Queen.

The launch - from the top.

Photo Queen of various years.

Photo: The wife Queen - Vintsentini.

Photo: Korolev and his wife.

Photo: Korolev, Gagarin with his wife and his wife.

Key words

The history of space exploration


Korolev SP - Scientist Yuri Gagarin - first cosmonaut of the planet Titov - cosmonaut



Science; Space

Scene №3 The Soviet space program

Launch at the firing range - from an airplane.

Various photos of S. Korolev.

Military looks into a microscope.

The scientist draws.

Scientists: Glushko, V. Kuznetsov, NN Pilyugin, S. Korolev, Moscow Ryazan, Vladimir Barmin, B. Chertok behind a desk - Wed, cr., Poland

Hand presses the "Start" button.


Nuclear (atomic) explosion.

Shock wave: falling plane explodes tank.

Picture: King and Kurchatov.

Queens of the military.

Design Bureau: people sit at tables, drawings.

Launch in the hangar.

Costs rocket.

Photos of The Queen at the landfill.

Desert: go riders on camels.

Polygon - filmed from an airplane.

Assembling the rocket in the hangar.

Launch pad.

Rocket driven to the launch pad.

Photos of the Queen.

Cracked earth: flowers.

Wind, bent trees.

Launch on startup.

Launch in the hangar.

Rocket in the sky.

Tsiolkovsky in the garden.

Photos of the Queen.

Launch on startup.


Rocket takes off.

Rocket in the sky.

Passing cars with rockets.


Rocket launch.

Photos of the Queen.

Photo: Korolev, with the dog.


Drawing of a rocket.

Sitting the first detachment of Soviet cosmonauts.

Sit at the table: Yuri Gagarin, Alexei Leonov.

Titov, V. Bykovsky

Capsule spacecraft.


Yuri Gagarin - first cosmonaut of the planet K. Tsiolkovsky - Russian scientist Leonov - cosmonaut Titov - cosmonaut Bykovsky V. - Cosmonaut Korolev, S. - scientist





Science; Space

Scene №4 The Soviet space program

Launch pad at Baikonur.

The rails.

Rocket R-7 at the start.

Rocket takes off.




Rocket R-7


Evening [829]


Scene №5 The Soviet space program

Academician VP Glushko walks around the room.

Home and blast-off of H-1 Photo by S. Korolev and co-workers.

Photo Glushko.

Photographers and cameramen shoot the rocket flight of H-1. Rocket explosion and fire tail.

Key words

Failed rocket launch


Glushko V.P.




H-1 rocket


Scene №6 The Soviet space program

Are taken from the hangar to the launch vehicle H-1.

Transportation carrier rocket to the launcher.

Start and start the H-1.

Panorama of superheavy N-1 carrier.

Speech by SP Korolev.

Photo of SP Korolev.

MARTHA descent automatic station on the moon.

Lunar soil collected by the automatic station MARTHA.

The lunar surface.

Key words

Lunar program


Korolev S.P.




H-1 rocket Moon

Defense and internal security; Space

Scene №7 The Soviet space program

Start a spaceship "Vostok".

The rocket in the air.

YA Gagarin runs on the red carpet after the flight.

NS Khrushchev hugging Gagarin.

Gagarin rides in a car on the street.

People waving flags of Soviet republics.

The people in Red Square.

Khrushchev and Gagarin greet people standing on the mausoleum.


Gagarin Yu.A. Hruschev N.S.






Meeting Gagarin


Scene №8 The Soviet space program

Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov in training for spacewalk.

Leonov and Yuri Gagarin lifted in an elevator.

Practice landing in the cockpit and Belyaev VP Leonov

Leonov dons the suit.

Leonov and Belyaev sit on the bus.

Leonov, talking, smiling.

Leonov spacewalk.

Leonov in space.

Key words



Leonov A. -- Cosmonaut Belyaev P. - letchik-kosmonavt Gagarin Yu.




Scene №9 The Soviet space program

Yuri Gagarin out of the car, with the other astronauts go to the polling place of Lenin.

Leonov, Yuri Gagarin and other cosmonauts vote at a polling station.

Astronauts Leninsk residents, the military at the ceremonial meeting.

The car rides with the astronauts on the street, residents greeted the astronauts Leninsk.

The announcers in the TV studio.

People listen to the radio message about the first flight into space.

Autographs of astronauts on the walls and doors of rooms at the hotel.

With bouquets of flowers are Bykovskiy, A. Eliseev, V. Volkov, Dobrovolsky, V. Patsayev etc.

Rocket explosion at the start of the test.

Participants of the meeting of veterans of Baikonur, in the park commemorating the victims CDSA astronauts moment of silence.


Gagarin Yu.A. Leonov A. Bikovskij V. Eliseev A. Volkov V. Dobrovoljskij G. Pacaev V.


1960th 1970th 1990


Leninsk (Baikonur) Baikonur Cosmodrome Moscow


Scene №10 The Soviet space program

Beach Syr.

Veterans of Baikonur in the "alcove astronauts" on the beach.

Newsreels 1960s.:

Korolyov and Yuri Gagarin talk in the gazebo.

Valentina Tereshkova, and Yuri Gagarin in the gazebo perform gymnastic exercises.

Bykovskiy doing push-ups.

Yuri Gagarin and other cosmonauts on a celebratory dinner in the gazebo.

Yuri Gagarin on the river with fish caught by them.

Veterans Baikonur photographed on the steps of the arbor.

Key words



Gagarin Yu.A. Korolev S.P. V. Tereshkova Bykovsky B.


1960th 1990


Kazakhstan Leninsk (Baikonur)