History of the Navy. (1918 - 1977)

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Scene №1 History of the Navy

Serves VI Lenin.

Listen to people on the street.

Personnel recovery of the economy.

Stand sailors.

Pass the sailors in the campground.

On Palace Square in Leningrad are sailors.

SM Kirov.

Story sailors passes over the area.

Photo: Red Navy, MV Frunze.

1926: Construction at the Baltic Shipyard.

Photo: BM Malinin - Head of the Bureau "Rubin".

1929: The first submarine "Decembrist" in the sea.

Sailors on the submarine.

1929-1932 year: Submarine "Leninist", "Pike."

30 ies.: Submarines Series C, M, K

IV Stalin and KE Voroshilov a submarine.

Submarines in port.

1941: Speakers at a telegraph pole.

People from the speakers.

Pass sailors.

Aircraft flies over the ship.

Falls into the sea stricken aircraft.

The sailors on the ship.

Submarine plunges into the sea.

Sailors in the submarine.

Story sailors on deck.

Submarine "Komsomolets Novosibirsk.

The rally in the port, the speakers.

Sail-powered submarine, "Yaroslavsky Komsomolets.

Sailors on the submarine.

Launch torpedoes from a submarine.


Submarine arrives at the port meet.

Sailors in a submarine for devices.

The inscription on the dash: For Stalin!

Awarding of the submariners.

Installing the shells on the boat.

Key words

CB Rubin


Kirov SM - Soviet statesman IV Stalin - Soviet statesman Voroshilov, KE - Soviet statesman Lenin VI - Soviet statesman


1918-1929 30 ies. 1941-1944


St. Petersburg (Leningrad)



Defense and internal security; Domestic policy; World War II

Scene №2 History of the Navy

Pops up a submarine.

U-boat in the sea.


The rally at the launching of the submarine, there is a minister BE Butoma.

Descent subs on the water.

Instruments on the submarine.

Submarines in port.

Internal structure of the diesel-electric submarine.

Rewarding team CKB Rubin commemorative flag of the Navy.

Immersion of the first deep-water apparatus "North-2.

1972: The submarine at sea.

Officers on the submarine.

Cabin on a submarine.

Lounge, officers are resting.

Photo: LI Brezhnev and AN Kosygin on a submarine,

U-boat in the sea.

Launching missiles from a submarine.

An officer at the board.

Launch a ballistic missile from a submarine.

Submarine is in port.

Rocket launch.


Construction of the submarine.

Deputy Minister of the shipbuilding industry, IS Belousov and Deputy Chief of the Navy Admiral PG Kotov sign the act of laying the cerebral vessel.

Rewarding CKB Rubin Order of the October Revolution.

Award is presented to IS Belousov


Rewarding staff offices.

Address by Chief Designer ID Spassky.

Employees of the Bureau "Rubin" in the hall.

Building CKB Rubin.

Employees go to work.


Butoma BE - Minister of Shipbuilding Industry Belousov, IS - Deputy Minister of Shipbuilding Industry Kotov PG - Admiral of the Fleet Spassky, ID




St. Petersburg (Leningrad)


Submarines CB Rubin

Defense and internal security; Industry; Social life

Scene №3 History of the Navy

Type in Leningrad from the Neva.

Floats submarine.

Nuclear-powered submarines with a set of ballistic and cruise missiles.

Key words

CB Rubin




St. Petersburg (Leningrad)



Defense and internal security