Photographs of famous people. (1930 - 2000)

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Scene №1 Photographs of famous people

Photos of John F. Kennedy - largely, in the office, with Mr.


Photo of Leonid Brezhnev - with political leaders around the world.

Photo by M. Yangel in different years.

Photos of Fidel Castro, with N. Khrushchev.

Picture of Nikita Khrushchev, Khrushchev and Yuri Gagarin and Titov in the mausoleum, Khrushchev in the field of wheat ears.

VF Photo Utkin in different years.

Scene №2 Photographic material of the VP Makeyev - General Designer of the State Rocket Center.

Photos VP Makeyev different years:

portraits; VP Makeyev the coffin with the body of SP Korolev, VP playing guitar, photography parents Makeyev, V. Makeev in childhood and adolescence; VP Makeyev with Academic Yangel, VP Makeyev and Nikita Khrushchev, VP Makeyev and SA Gerasimov, in .

VP Makeyev on vacation, at work, on Red Square, VP Makeyev a periscope, VP Makeyev with family members, etc.


VV Makeev - Founder of the Soviet school of sea rocket, chief designer of the State Rocket Center

Scene №3 Photos Korolev and Soviet cosmonauts

General Designer of NPO "Energy" Sergei Korolev and his colleagues, with scientists, with the astronauts - photo.

Photos of the construction of Baikonur.

Photographs of astronauts to rest.

Photos of Leonid Brezhnev and Kosygin at Baikonur.

Photography - Sergei Korolev, and IV Kurchatov in the garden.

Young, SP Korolev, the pilots in the aircraft - photo.


Scene №4 SP Korolev Photos

Various photos of the general designer of NPO Energia SP Korolev


Scene №5 Photos of LI Brezhnev

Leonid Brezhnev at an engineering plant - photo.



Industry; Construction

Scene №6 Photos of Moscow and Vladimir Utkin Yangel

Photo Yangel.

VF Photo Utkin, in his youth.

Scene №7 Photos of V. Utkin

VF Photo Utkin in different years.


Scene №8 Photos VP Makeyev

Photo: General Designer of the State Rocket Center

in Miass VP Makeyev

Scene №9 Photos VF Utkin

Photos of Chief Designer of KB "Southern" VF Utkin different years photos family and friends, school certificates, school leaving certificate, certificate of discharge from the army.



Scene №10 Photos of soldiers Sary-Shagan test site

Photos of soldiers Sary-Shagan test site

Defense and internal security

Scene №11 Photos of famous people

Photos - Stalin tube; Stalin in the office, Stalin, in profile, sitting at a meeting of Stalin;

Photography - Sergei Korolev with astronauts

Photos - NS Khrushchev laughs and smiles.

Photos - NS Khrushchev and Nelson Rockefeller.


Photos of Nikita Khrushchev with corn in their hands.

Various photo mapping - Korolev.

Shifrogramma KGB in 1962 from Washington in the name of Khrushchev, Kozlov, Andrei Gromyko, sent at the direction Sevenfold - text, signature (different designs)

Key words


Scene №12 Photos of famous people

Photos of Paris.

Photos - Soviet scientist and designer in the field of space technology and GN Babakin in Paris.

Photos - French President Charles de Gaulle.

Scene №13 Photos Grachev, VA

Grachev VA Photo.

Snapshots of his personal affairs.

Design school ZIL plant.

Photo Director GAZ Diakonov.

Science; Industry

Scene №14 Photos DI Kozlova

Order of the Minister of General Machine Building USSR Shishkin O. on 5 December 1990 on the appointment of Kozlov DI

Photos Kozlov different years.


Kozlov DI - Designer of rocket and space technology


Scene №15 Pictures of Stalin

Photos of Joseph Stalin - large



Scene №16 Pictures of Stalin

Stalin with a tube behind a desk in the office



Scene №17 Pictures of Stalin

Panorama pictures of the Presidium of commemoration of the 27th anniversary of the October Revolution, Stalin on the tribune