Polygon Baikonur. (1950 - 1969)

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Scene №1 Polygon Baikonur

City Leninsk landfill Baikonur - removed from the aircraft.

Launch pad at Baikonur - removed from the aircraft.






Launch pad


Scene №2 Polygon Baikonur

Baikonur - removed from the train.

People pass by polygon, in the background passing train.

Dust storm, people off the bus.

The military held by the landfill, the military beats the drum.

Flag of the Soviet Union.

He looks military.

Rocketeers on the launch pad.

Preparing to launch the rocket.

Transportation of the missile.

The military held by the landfill.

The rocket on the launch pad.


The hand presses the button.

Fire at the start.

A bird in the sky.

24/10/1960: Fire at Baikonur, run by the military.

Working fire.

The place where the burning missile R-16.

Military give a report at the landfill.

Undergo military along the corridor.

Various satellite launches from Baikonur.

Photos: Nikita Khrushchev at Baikonur Baikonur Brezhnev Brezhnev and French President Charles de Gaulle.

Rocket at launch.

The military command post.

Sits SA Afanasyev.

The launch of H1.

H1 in the sky.

Rocket "Energy" at the start, in the air.

Cheer rocket makers and the military at the landfill.

Landing of "Buran".

In a landfill is "Buran".

Dome of the dance floor from discarded missile parts at the cosmodrome.

Piggery at the cosmodrome.

Part of the missile in a landfill.

Destruction at the site.

Abandoned house in Baikonur (city Leninist).

Military truck carries a red flag on the street.

Girl riding on rollers, are two girls sitting girls, girl eating ice cream, strolling families with children.

People on the platform of the train.

People board the train.

The train passes by polygon.

Employees of the landfill. on the train.

The train passes by polygon.

People in the compartment playing cards, knitting, crossword puzzles.

People in the corridor of the car.

Foreign delegations in the shop at Baikonur.

Works staff.

Launch pad at sunset, the rails.

Rocket in the shop.

Driven by a missile test site at dawn.

Watching the dog.

They're taking a rocket on rails.

The rocket is set on the ground.

Preparing to launch the rocket.

Staff at the command post.

Preparing to launch the rocket.

People are sitting.

Hand holding a cigarette.

The excitement of people.

Home and flying rockets.

Directions to the Baikonur.

Abandoned launch pad.


Afanasjev S.A.


60s. 70s. 80s. 90s. 2000-2005




Launch pad H1 "Buran" "Energy" P-16

Space; Finance; Social life