History helicopter (1920-1929)

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NE Photo Zhukovsky.

20 s.: Photographer takes a boy holding a model of the helicopter, the helicopter takes off.

Attempts to take off first aircraft.

Aircraft in the air.

1932: Cheremukhin flies the first helicopter (helicopter) TsAGI 1 E.

1948: We fly a helicopter Ka-10 from the cab of the truck.

Coaxial Ka - 10 takes off from the water surface.

NI Kamov oversees test flight.

Ka-10 in flight.

Group creators of the helicopter, including NI Kamov helicopters have.

Photo Kamov.

KASKR-1 - photos.

20s.: Cavalry in the Red Square.

Red Pass.

Appliances in Red Square.

MV stands Frunze at the 3rd Congress of the Soviets.

Designers for the calculations.

The designers of the helicopter KASKR - photo.

Mikheev pilot - photo.

TsAGI: is a group of designers, among them Prof.

BN St.


Work on the creation of the helicopter in the institute.

1948-1951: Planting the Ka-10 on the deck of the ship.

Take off the Ka-10.

Ka-10 lands on the water surface.

Viewing audience at the festival of the Navy.

50s.: Take off the Ka-15.

Ka-15 makes a test flight, sits on the water.

Ka-15 sprays orchards and vineyards.

The pilot in the cockpit of the helicopter.


Are the Ka-15 at the airport, fly, fly over the mountains.

NI Kamov - photo.

1941: Autogyro A-7 flying over mountainous terrain.

The Ka-18 flying in the background of the Shukhov Tower in Shabolovka.

Lands of Ka-18.

LI Brezhnev and DF Ustinov KB attend them.

Kamov - photo.

50th gg.

Ka-18 flies over the United States.

People look out the window.

NATO warships in the sea.

Plane lands on the ship.

American submarines.

The crew of the submarine.

Launching missiles from a submarine.

Warship, a submarine at sea.

The Ka-25 landing on the deck of the ship.

Ka-25 in flight.

1961: Aviaparad in Tushino - the audience, the planes are the word "Lenin" in the air.

The overall plan Tushino airfield.

The audience applauded.

SC-18 and Ka-25 in the air.

Ka-22 in the air.

Guest on the podium: Brezhnev, Mikoyan, Gagarin, Furtseva.

Ka-22 takes off.

Cargo Space Ka-22.

Ka-22 in the air.

Designers in the garden.

Ka-22 in flight.

Newspaper articles on rotary-wing Ka-22.

50s.: Warship comes off the stocks.

Brezhnev and Kosygin on a military ship.

Ka-25 on the deck of a ship in the air.

The pilot leaves the cockpit.

Are the developers.

Warship at sea, flying a helicopter.

Cab helicopter - the dashboard.

Ka-25 landing on the deck.

Ka-25 landing on the water.

Search, detection and destruction of nuclear submarines with the Ka-25.

Takeoff and landing of the Ka-25 at night.

60s.: Helicopter-crane.

Raise the vehicle by helicopter.

Photos of helicopters Sikorsky firm (USA).

Military ships at sea.

Cruiser at sea.

1970: Maneuvers "Ocean" - The alarm on the ship: trumpeting sailor, sailors run, the remote control.

The pilots sit in the helicopters, the helicopters take off from the deck.

Detection of submarines from the Ka-25.

Warship - filmed from a helicopter.

Aircraft in the sky.

The launching of rockets from ships.

Explosions in the water.

Flying helicopters, sailing ships.

Helicopters on the site.

Helicopter down in the hangar antisubmarine cruiser.

Are the helicopters (winter).

The pilot climbs into the cockpit.

Ka-25 flew over the water.

Warship at sea.

The Ka-25 ship.

1974: De-mining the Gulf of Suez (Egypt).

1978: Posting of the atomic icebreaker "Sibir" by Ka-25.

60s.: Meeting in the office of Bureau name Kamov.

The demonstration model of the Ka-26.

Ka-26 flew, landing on a platform in the field.

Ka-26 handles the vineyards.

Key words

Kamov Design Bureau named
flying over America


Brezhnev L.I. Mikoyan A.I. Furceva E.A. -- Minister of Culture Gagarin Yu.A. Kamov N.I. Kosigin A.N. Yurjev B.N. -- scientist

Calendar: 20s. 1948-1949 1941 40s. 50s. 1974 1978 60s. 1970

Locations: Russia [1] USA


KASKR-1 Ka-10 Ka-15 Ka-18 Ka-22 Ka-25 Ka-26 Warship Warship Gunboat Icebreaker "Sibir" Gyroplane A-7 TsAGI 1E submarine (USA) USS (United States)

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