Gorbachev's visit to Japan (1991)

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Scene №1 Gorbachev's visit to Japan

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Interview LP Kravchenko, president of the All-Union Television.


Gorbachev makes a toast.

Read the statements.

Says company president "Yokohama Trading" T.Kasai (in Russian)

Interview with the Japanese on the street.

Interview with Senior Advisor to the President A.N.Yakovleva of the Soviet-Japanese negotiations.

Mikhail Gorbachev sits in the office.

In the hall and go T.Kayfu Gorbachev.

Read the reporters.

The participants sit at the negotiating table.

Gorbachev Says (synchronously).

Gorbachev among Japanese politicians.

The government motorcade drove through the streets of Tokyo.

Gorbachev and T.Kayfu enter the building.

Raisa Gorbacheva and wife of Japanese Prime Minister come into the building.

Pageant on the street.


sculpture of the Buddha.

Gorbachev and T.Kayfu photographed, and the wife Raisa Gorbacheva T.Kayfu.

Outside the military band played.

Gorbachev and R.Gorbacheva sit in the car, drive off a tuple T.Kayfu watching with his wife.

Report of Tokyo cyclists, traffic on the street, loaders, cutting fish and seafood stalls.

R.Gorbacheva at the fish market talking to sellers.

Park Pagoda.

Night in Tokyo, Japan and the Soviet flag.

Goncharov's book, "Pallas."

The international festival "Children's Summit": Speech by Japanese and Soviet children at the stadium.

Mikhail Gorbachev, R.Gorbacheva, Minister of Culture N.Gubenko, T.Kayfu held in the auditorium, took place.

Playing Japanese children.

Japanese prints.

Boats at the pier.

Panorama of the city - from the top point.


How to get on the highway.

City at night - from the top point.

How to get on the highway.

The Japanese market.

Cooking on the street, the Japanese eat at the tables.

The Japanese said to landline.

Should Japanese police outside the Soviet Embassy.

Gorbachev and T.Kayfu sign documents.

The movement of trains in the city.

Illuminated advertising on the streets of Tokyo night, passers-by traffic.

Are the heads of Japan and the Soviet Union with their wives on the red carpet.

Gorbachev and T.Kayfu out of the Imperial Palace, the orchestra plays.

Gorbachev and T.Kayfu go into the hall talks.

Mikhail Gorbachev speaks with T.Doi, chairman of the Socialist Party of Japan.

Says company president "Yokohama Trading" T.Kasai (in Russian)

Buddhist temple.

Mikhail Gorbachev speaks at a meeting with representatives of the Japanese public.

Gorbachev and T.Kayfu in the negotiations.

Laying flowers at the park of the world (evening).

Newsreel 1945: Japanese POWs build passes (filmed from the back).

Says T.Kasai, a former prisoner of war.

Says company president "Shinshu Trading" H.Morikava, a former prisoner of war.

Mikhail Gorbachev meets with representatives of organizations of former prisoners of war.

The boat on the river.

Gorbachev meeting with the chairman of the society, "Soka Gakkai" D.Ikeda.

Gorbachev and T.Kayfu plant a tree.

R.Gorbacheva at Tsukiji fish market, the Japanese greet her.

Traffic on the streets of Tokyo.

Interview LP Kravchenko, president of the All-Union Television.

Gorbachev met with representatives of business circles of Japan.

Flags of Japan and the USSR.

Gorbachev goes to the hall, sits down at the negotiating table, Soviet and Japanese delegations at the table.

Interview A.N.Yakovleva.

The international festival "Children's Summit."


Gorbachev M.S. Yakovlev A.N. Kajfu Tosiki -- Prime Minister of Japan Gorbacheva R.M. -- wife of Mikhail Gorbachev Kravchenko L.P. -- Party and state leaders

Calendar: 04.1991

Locations: Tokyo, Japan

Seasons: Night [830] Day [828] Spring [825]

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