India (1990-1999)

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Movie №1 India

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India Landscape: river, mountain.

The bridge over the river.

Sunset over the river, the boat floats.

The riders on camels in the desert.


The mountains in the snow.

Waves at the rocky shore.

The temple on the rock.

Service, the monks.


The Indians are engaged in handicrafts.

Dressage horse.

Riders on elephants.

Snake Charmer.

A lot of people on the streets.

People jump out of the train.

Holiday: a demonstration on the streets.

Hindu temples.

The Indians at the river - wash, wash, and so on.

Worship in the Christian church.

Praying nuns.

Temple - appearance.

Hindu temple.

A giant statue of Krishna.

Ancient Indian writings on the museum's exhibits.

Ancient Indian statues.

The desert, the morning landscape with river.

A statue of Buddha.

Buddhists pray.

Interior of Buddhist temple sculptures.


Panorama from the remains of ancient buildings.

The ancient fortress.

Surf, palm trees on the shore.

Sunset over the sea.

Newsreels of the war for independence:

Pass the Indian soldiers.

Shoot a gun.

The unrest on the streets.

Mahatma Gandhi.

The British flag.

Raise the flag of India.

Declaration on the adoption of the Constitution of India.


On horseback galloping Indian soldiers with flags.

A huge number of Indians in the area (top).

View of the Rashtrapati Bhavan - the residence of the President of India.

Teens plowing with oxen.

The green field.

Livestock to drink.

Genesis of Indian peasants.

The men scatter the seed.

Women harvest.

Work on farm machinery.

The Indians of crafts: they spin, weave, pottery and so on.

Gonchar with a student.

The boy makes a pitcher.

Ready-made pottery.

Manufacture of carpets, painted glassware, and so on.

The street of the city, the traffic, the temple.

Go to the platform the train arrives.

Steel Works, manufacturing processes.


Laboratory work staff.

Engineers are working on chips.

The launch.

Indian subway train approaches the platform.

The ancient Indian temples.


Qutb Minar - the world's tallest brick minaret.

Taj Mahal - a general view.

The main building - a departure.

The sculptures, bas-reliefs of the ancient church - view.

Ancient Indian murals.

Carved doors, mosaic.

The Indians play in the national musical instruments and sing.

Indian Indian plays electric guitar melody.

A boy plays on the Indian national instrument.

Flock of sheep, a shepherd boy.

Indian dancing girls in traditional costumes, sing.

Indian dance on the stage - presentation in the theater.


Indian children in the high grass, fleeing across the field.

In the background drives the engine.

Wheels of the train.

Landscapes of India (with traffic).

The train leaves the tunnel in the rock waterfall.

Indians boating, skiing the mountains.



Landscape with mountains.

Lion in the forest.



Antelope at the watering for grazing.

Tigers play.

Peacock reveals the tail.


Panorama of sunset on the river in the city.

Calendar: 90th

Locations: India [103]

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