Ancient armored car. (1990 - 1999)

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Scene №1 Ancient armored car

The armored car in the yard of a private house.

People on the street of the village.

The armored car.

A man near the armored car, climbs inside.

The inscription "Krechet" on board.

The man in the armored car with a flag with the hammer and sickle.

The armored car was going down the road.

The inscription "Moscow-Novorossiysk" on the armored car.

Novorossiysk railway station.

Railway Station Square, there are cars.

It should be an armored car.

People at the armored car.

The port of Novorossiysk.

It should be an armored car.

The correspondent interviewing reenactors armored car.

The armored car - different plans.

Men have an armored car - repair welding.

The armored car making a circle on a treadmill stadium.

Spectators in the stands.

People have an armored car, the armored car.

Concert of "Lube" on an open platform.

Nicholas Rastorguev sings the song "We live now in a new way."


The song "Alaska."

The "Lube" on stage.


The song "Home."

Interview reenactors armored car on the TV screen, watching people.

The armored car was going along a country road, running behind him children.

Sandy beach.

The armored car passes through the sand to the sea.

People on the beach.

People at the armored car.

The armored car - different plans.


People swim in the sea.

A girl in a swimsuit.

Man in the Red Army overcoat and Budenovka digs a pit on the beach.

Removes his coat, remains in swimming trunks, digging a hole.

Buries in the sand mate, leaving only his head above the sand.

Watered fellow soda from a bottle.

The armored car was leaving the beach, rides on the road.

Inside view of an armored car - different plans.

The armored car is on the road.

Night, an armored car on the road traveling.

Police patrol to stop an armored car.

Searches of men.

Check the documents.

Removed from the armored car rifle, searched her bag.


The armored car traveling on the road overnight.

Police car next to the armored car.

The police talk to the reenactors armored car.

Key words

antique military vehicles


Nikolaj Rastorguev -- lead singer of "Lube", a musician




Novorossiysk, Russia

Defense and internal security