Slaughtering. (1992)

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Reel №1 Slaughtering

The miners in the mine.

The appearance of the mine.

Posters with slogans.

Monument to the A.Stahanovu g.

Stahanove Luhansk region.

People on the street.


The large faces of the people.

The boy in the doorway of the house.

One-story houses.

Miner's wife says.

They say the villagers.

Type of mine.

Rides the bus, go miners, dress, go down the corridor of the mine, take the tools down into the mine, out of the elevator.

The miners in the mine.

They say the miners in the mine.

Sings the choir of war veterans and labor "Guards."

They say members of the choir.

A.Livanskaya correspondent talks with members of the choir of the profession of miner.

Interview of the miners in the mine.

Journalist V.Molchanov talking to people on the street, people criticize the policies of Gorbachev's talk about the plight.

How to get around the city.

The monuments, busts V.Lenina, posters depicting V.Lenina.

They say residents.

Women working in the coal-mining company - mine.

Interview with female miners.

A female welder.

Ads on the building.

Women are loaded logs, go carts.

Unfinished buildings in the countryside.

They say women.

Lay logs, working woman.

They say the miners in the mine.

The bust of Lenin in the hall of the registrar, anthem of the USSR, in view of the bride and groom.

People dancing at a wedding in the village.

Dancing bride and groom.

Hand brings his glass to his lips.

Says the visitor.


Shouts of "Kiss!" Kissing couple.

Newlyweds drinking champagne in the registry office, a panorama of the bust V.Lenina.

They say the miners in the mine.

Interview with miner, who lost his leg in a mine, a man shows the prosthesis of domestic production.

The building of the hospital.

A hand with a syringe.

The patients in the ward.

Interview medical personnel.

A bucket of paint.

Hospital corridor.

Interview with the head physician of the hospital.

Interview the patient's hospital in the yard.

The cemetery, photos, and date of death of the miners on the gravestones.

V.Molchanov talking with residents mining town.

Interview of the miners in the mine.

Newsreel 30s.: Schacht, are miners, truck, miners in the mine.


Houses in the village.

Dog at the booth.

Walking children.

Photos of the miners of the past.

The old banknotes at the museum.

The sculptures in the museum.

The documents of the past.

Abandoned Mine.

People enter the room, including the machine, the men talk about the machine.


Travel through the village.

The fence around the house.

Journalist goes into the house.

The interior of the house (furniture poor, poverty).

Correspondent speaks with family miner.

House of the miners.

The children in the yard.

A resident of the hostel talking to the reporter.

Interior dorm shower, toilet, hallway, kitchen.

A.Livanskaya talking with a miner's wife in a dorm room.

A little boy in the corridor dormitories.

People on the street.

New homes.

Construction of a dwelling house, watching two boys.

The range of the grocery store.

The miners descend into the mine, work in the mine.

V.Molchanov in the miner's clothes out of the mine, talking to miner.

V.Molchanov talking with a representative of the administration on a bench in a park on the silence and the truth about the miners in the press and on television about the needs of miners.

Interview in the mine.

The miners are drinking beer on the street, talking.

Bank of beer.

Smoking men.

Disco, the song "Do not play the fool, America!" Performed by group "Lube."

Pass police.

Interviews with young people Kirovsk of leisure, of desires.

Slow dancing in a disco.

The guy with the girl on the bench.

Interview miners about Stakhanov, the distortion of the facts.

Fragment of the movie 1985: Newsreel 30s. - Dawn, go to the miners, mine, printing press, works Stakhanov, the newspaper "Pravda", moving coal from the mine goes Stakhanov, greeting.

Says K.Petrov, a former party organizer Stakhanov mine.

Monument A.Stahanovu.

K.Petrov told, drinks, snack (in a newspaper) tells of a meeting with Stalin on the record Stakhanov.

Newsreel 30s.: Stakhanovites among the miners.

11/14/1935: First All-Union Conference of Stakhanovites, there K.Voroshilov.

Key words

The life of the mining towns


Molchanov V. Livanskaya A. -- journalist


1992 14.11.1935 - First All-Union Conference Stakhanovite 30th - Stakhanovites among miners 30th - Dawn, go to the miners, mine, printing press, works Stakhanov, the newspaper "Pravda", moving coal from the mine goes Stakhanov, welcoming 30th - Mine, are miners, truck, miners in the mine.


Ukraine, Lugansk region


Summer [824]

Industry; Social life; Health