Islam in the USSR. Part 1, "The Civil War in the Caucasus". (1991)

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Reel №1 Islam in the USSR. Part 1, "The Civil War in the Caucasus"

Monument V.Leninu.

Muslims praying in the square.

Muslims in the mosque chanting.

The boys beat themselves with chains (a ritual in times of trouble).

Pass on the Russian military tanks.

The military on the road talking to people.

The village in the mountains.

The Orthodox church.

Vennye action in the mountains: jumping from a helicopter assault, skirmish.

Crying women.

Russian soldiers on the road.

Shootout in the mountains.

Flies a helicopter.

Helicopter pilots in the cockpit, flying over the terrain.


Evening: They run people down the street, a crowd of collision.

Mountain landscape, the river.

The road in the mountains, are the military.

Watch the locals.

Armenia: The service in the church are priests.

People on the street shouting "Russia!".

Passes Yeltsin, Nazarbayev.

Should Boris Yeltsin.

Smokes President.

Negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the presence of Boris Yeltsin and Nazarbayev.

German correspondent of the card in a television studio.

Newsreel 20-ies.: City of Baku, the Maiden Tower, people on the street, politicians around the table, cheering in the audience, speaker at the podium, is commissioned sailors parade in the street, watching people.

The streets of Baku - from the top point.

Narrow streets, avenues, old building.

Oil fields.

Lit torch.

A monument to 26 Baku commissars.

Crude oil production.

Flying over the city.

The wedding, the couple lay flowers at the monument to the victims.


Tanks on the streets of Baku.

The rally in Baku.

A memorial service in Baku, burn membership cards.


Night: passing cars with the military.

On a stretcher a wounded bear.


Rides military equipment, are soldiers.

Ambulances on the street.


Assembly of Muslims in the audience.

Interview about Islam.

The service in the mosque.

The rally in central Baku.

The meeting of the Parliament of Azerbaijan, Ayaz Mutalibov acts.


The ladder of TU-134 And down Azerbaijani President Ayaz Mutalibov.

Rally in Azerbaijan.

The correspondent in the studio.

Barbed wire.

Military rise to the observation tower.

Passes a freight train.

Photos of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.


The bust of Lenin, the building.

Muslims beat their breasts (a ritual in times of trouble).

Screams the woman.


Sit Muslims.


A poster with V.Leninym, drives a tractor.


Sunset, Mt.

Night Baku mosque.

Says a correspondent in the studio in the German language.

The unrest in the city, shooting, fleeing people.

The funeral of those killed in Baku.

The meeting in Tbilisi, the Georgian president Zviad Gamsakhurdia out.

Military Parade in Tbilisi.

The rally flags.

The rally on the square in Chechnya.

Sit elders.

People around the campfire.

D.Dudaev in the room, the people welcomed him.

Sing the Chechens.

The poster for Saddam Hussein on the streets of Grozny.

The military on the streets.

Serves Dudayev.



Serves Dudayev, says an oath on the Koran.

Key words

Ethnic conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh


Eljcin B.N. Nazarbaev N. Mutalibov A. -- Azerbaijani statesman Gamsahurdia Z. -- Georgian public and political figure Dudaev D.




Azerbaijan, Baku Nagorno-Karabakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Chechnya, Grozny Georgia, Tbilisi

Defense and internal security; Wars, conflicts and disasters; Domestic policy; Religion; Industry