Newsreel of World War II. (1941 - 1945)

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Scene №1 Newsreel of World War II

The meeting in the village.


Are the villagers.

Soviet soldiers surrender, crossing the railroad tracks.

Are the Germans with machine guns.

Soviet soldiers crossing the rails, half-naked, barefoot.

Soviet prisoners stand with up-hands.

Soviet prisoners sitting on the ground - the panorama from the top, different plans.

Prisoners faces - different plans.

On the road - column of Soviet prisoners.

The face of the Red Army soldier - close-up.

There is a column of prisoners.

Face - close-ups.

Are captured.

Soviet prisoners.

Himmler with the accompanying, talks with Soviet prisoners.

Bypasses the camp.

Prisoners sit on the ground.

The prisoners behind barbed wire concentration camps.

Face - close-ups.

The sign "SU" on clothes of prisoner.

Camp of Death "Klooga" - the gates, a shield with a warning (in German).

Barack for prisoners.

Bunk beds, dead bodies in the aisle.

The bodies under twigs, logs.

Panorama of the barracks (top).

German soldiers.

Photo: German soldiers - different plans.

Photo: Two German soldier holding a person, the third beat.

Photo: German soldiers listens to a gramophone.

Photo: German officer wears a noose on the neck of a woman.

Photo: Woman hanged.

Photo: hang a man, a girl.

Photo: German soldiers, children body in the mud, head of the dead.

Photo: Execution - head on the block, the hand holding an ax on his neck.

Photo: hanging in the streets of Soviet cities.

Photo: Execution - hung men, shot, killed on the ground;

women stand on the edge of the ditch;

undress people - hitting: sitting naked girl - close-up.

Photo: German soldiers smiling near woman hanging on the background.

Photo: German soldier with a gun near the dead woman's naked body.

Photo: German soldiers, at their feet lay the bodies.

Photo: dead bodies, hanging,


Hung children.

German soldiers stripped down to the river, running along the beach, laughing.

Photo: woman, mother and daughter on the ground, the girl screams;

Nude woman, screaming female soldiers;

running woman, woman, nude woman;

The Germans lead a naked woman on the water;

sitting on the ground naked young woman.



Collapse of the building.

Along the street are women.

Crying women on the ruins.

On the tombs crying woman.

The woman's face - close-up.

The bodies of dead children on earth.

The bodies of young children in the snow.

A map with the direction of the Soviet offensive (Smolensk area).

The attack - flee the Soviet soldiers, cross the river.

The commander on the horse.

Explosions, Soviet soldiers.

Move on the mud.

Off-road riding a tractor drags the train.

The Red Army on the stuff.

Soviet soldiers dragged a horse with a gun carriage gun through the mud.

Go Soviet soldiers.

A horse pulls a field kitchen.

Cook go for the cart, sleep products in the tank field kitchen.

The soldier cut foods on the board, standing on the cart.

Soldiers at Rest: sitting on the grass, playing the accordion, sit by the campfire, dry foot wraps, eat.

The cook pours the soup.

Soldiers sit on the ground.

On the ground lay a towel with a meal.

The girl brings the soldiers to eat.

Drinks commander, gives a glass, have a snack.

A soldier pours from the bottle into the glass, gives the other.

Sit soldiers, the postman carries a letter.

Sit commanders with books, documents, leaning over the map.

Pass the soldiers are parts guns.

On horseback - two commanders.

In the grass are the soldiers.

The soldiers are on the road, among them - girls.

The commander spoke on the phone in the dugout.

The commander spoke on the phone in a trench.

The commanders in the trenches, studying a map, talking on the phone, watching through binoculars.

The attack - flee the Soviet soldiers and commanders in the trenches.

Run the Soviet soldiers.

The commander spoke on the phone, next to him the radio operator in headphones.

The captain, sitting on the grass, talking on the phone, standing next to the soldier.

In the background soldiers charged gun.

The corpses of the Germans on the ground.

The firing battery position of officer Orlov.


The Red Army soldiers at the gun, the officer.

Explosions, smoke.

Artillery, the soldiers fled.

Fleeing soldiers - different plans.

Tanks pass across the field.

The body of scout Vladimir Shelupenko.

Comrades shift the body of Vladimir Shelupenko on the cape,

cover his face, remove the caps.

New recruits with weapons.

Rookie takes the oath of office.

The soldiers in the trenches, machine gun.

A soldier reads the oath.

The commander signs the membership card.

The commanders of the Red Army signs membership cards.

The newspaper with the order of the Supreme Commander.

The division commander Kolobutin - shaking hands, gives honored.

Caption: "inseparable friendly relationship with the rear of the front."

Siberia: women at work - ravioli mold.

Veterans-Siberians on leave, on an excursion in the workplace.

Medical instructor Maria Pavlenko speaks with a technologist.

A man holding a dumpling.

Woman makes dumplings, standing next to the soldier.

They talk and laugh.

Woman make dumplings, hands - close-up.

Tray of dumplings.

Raining dumplings.

Hands poured into the jar black caviar.

Close the jar.

Stacked cans of caviar in the box - the gift front.

The inscription on the boxes: "Volunteers-Siberians."

Delegates at the front: greet the soldiers, give flowers.

Delegates of the rear in the field hospital.

Speak with the wounded, transmit gifts.

The girl in the hospital bed.

Gunner Evdokim Checaev said the guests about the military service.

Explosions on the ground.

American tank goes.

Weapon shoot.

Fueled a German tank.

The corpse of a German on the ground.

Map with directions of the Soviet offensive (output to the borders of Latvia).

The eastern part of Latvia, Lubana: pine forest.


Forest, swamp.

Piles made by the Germans in the woods.

The wooden shelter.

Soviet soldiers are going through the woods, rolled the cannon.

Make their way through the swamp in the woods.

Body, drawn by horses, leans to one side in a swamp.

Horses dragging a disguised gun carriage by water.

The soldiers ferried horses with a load across the river.

The soldiers are doing a road made of logs under the fire.

The soldiers dragged a log.

Soldiers suggest crossing under fire.

A soldier with an ax chops off the tree.

Looks lieutenant.

Soldiers sawing a log, watching the captain.

Soldiers build a bridge.

Commander of the Baltic Front, Army General Eremenko in the shelter, looking through binoculars, talking with other commanders.

Map of the Soviet offensive on the Riga.

General Eremenko sits, listens to an explanation of another commander.

General Andryushchenko studying documents, talking to another officer.

Colonel Panishev said by telephone.

Soldiers in helmets in the trenches with the regiment commander Anikin.

The commanders in the trenches, the soldiers go through the tall grass.

Soldiers go through the grass.

The soldiers are preparing to attack.

Masked by the trees in the forest.

Take up battle positions.

The commander makes the combat mission.

From the forest come out tanks.

The tanks are on the field, shoot.

The Red Army are fleeing the attack.

There comes the infantry.


Soldiers are moving through a windbreak.

Looks commander.

Falling tree damaged by a shell.

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A.I. Kolobutin -- Major-General, a member of the Second World War A.I. Eremenko -- General of the Army, a member of the Second World War General Andryuschenko -- Member WWII Polkovnik Panishev -- Member WWII Genrih Gimmler -- military leader of the Third Reich




Smolensk area, Russia Latvia

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