Mongol and horse. (1989 - 1991)

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Reel №1 Mongol and horse

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Neighborhood of Ulan Bator.

A national sports festival Naadam ("three revels men").


Arata, nomadic herders come to the party.

Riders of all ages.


Shepherd-rider drives a herd of horses.

Yurt, a Mongolian family.

Prepare traditional Mongolian cakes.

Head of a family of themselves, their children and hard work (synchronous).

Arata tour the young horses (many shots).

Old men and children watch.

Herd of horses (many shots).

Mongolian horses on watering.

Nomads braided tresses horses and children.

Mongolian children on horseback (many shots).

Children riding competitions.

Old men sit on the ground, communicate.

A valley place finish.

Preliminary review before the holiday Naadam.

Mongolians are sitting, waiting.

Muzzle horses (many shots).


Children riding on horseback equestrian order.

Children with riders dressed in folk costumes (many scenes).


The old man surrounded by children.

Big winners medals.

The old herdsman error party and lowering interest of people in cattle (synchronously).

Children play near the yurt with the lamb.

Corral, goats produced in the pasture.

A herd of camels.

Camels eating grass.

Cows at the watering, cross the river.

Mongolian meat cut up the carcass.

Preparing for the holiday first kumys.

Catching small foals (many shots).

Tie foals.

Mongolian women cook the meat in a vat.

The old woman feeds her young grandson.

Milking mares.

Mongolian drink mare's milk.

Women and men whipped milk.

Feast first kumys.

Mongolians dressed in suits drink mare.

Mongol playing traditional musical instruments, a singer.

An elderly woman performs a ritual incantation.

Mongolian priests (lamas) in the yurt.

Lama about the importance of prayer (synchronously).

Ulaanbaatar, Gandan monastery complex.

Buddhist monks at prayer.

Lama of the faith in the world and well-being (synchronously).

Overall festive meal in the steppe.

Musician plays moorinhur (stringed fiddle folk instrument).

Mongols riding across the steppe.

Herdsman on the weather and prepare horses for races (synchronously).

Mongolian boys

Mongolian mountains Gurvan-Saikhan (Three Beauties), many plans.

Naughty kid in a yurt, adults work.

The boys are horse harness, saddles.

Ulaanbaatar, stadium.

Stud service in folk costumes, ancient flags.

Go to sporting events in three national sports.



Jumps children and adolescents.

Photos boys Winners awards.

After the holiday Naadam, household sketches.






steppe horse riders

Sport; Youth; Agriculture; Culture and Arts; Ecology; Towns and countries; Social life
Sectors of the economy; Geography and Nature