Special Far Eastern (1929)

Documentary №27168, 1 part, duration: 0:09:40
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)


The film tells the story of creation and the daily activities of the Special Far Eastern Army on the Protection of the Far Eastern borders of the USSR.

Reel №1

Reel №2 Special Far Eastern

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

KE Voroshilov in his office.

The text of the order of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR on the formation of the Special Far Eastern Army (Odwan), published in the newspaper.

Bugler signals.

Parade Odwan fighters.

Army Commander Blucher VK He speaks to soldiers from the rostrum.

Soldiers in the ranks Odwan throw up hats and raised the rifle to salute.

View of the tent camp of one of the units Odwan.

The soldiers equip position.

The daily life of the Red Army in the field camp.

One of the commanders comes to staff the shelter.

Horses under a canopy on the field stable.

The soldiers from the pots in their hands are in the queue to the field kitchen.

Cook fills pots.

The soldiers sitting on the ground, eating soup from the pot.

Those Red Army.

Sign military reading rooms and book kiosk in the camp.

General view of the barracks, where Red Army club is located.

The soldiers read newspapers and view posters hung on the wall of the club.

Photos of Sun Yat Sen Chiang Kai-shek on the club wall.

The soldiers carried out exercises on the rings and horizontal bar during physical training sessions.

The soldiers in the field, writing letters home in his leisure hours.

The soldiers play dominoes.

Red Army squad leader reads the newspaper.

The soldiers write letters, read newspapers in his leisure hours.

Session Riding in one of the cavalry units Odwan.

Chopping vines sword on the go.

Lesson for Jighitovka.

The soldiers at the time of political studies.

The political leader tells the men to the border conflict with China.

The soldiers are helping to harvest in the sponsored farm boundary.

The soldiers guarding the convoy of grain.

Panorama of hills on the border.

Residents of the Chinese border villages are near the house.

People sort the collected corn crop.

Children husks corn on the cob.

Children eat boiled corn.

The soldiers are helping the local people to thresh grain, repairing agricultural implements.

Red Army soldier treats an elderly Chinese cigarette.

Chinese smoke.

On the Amur River sailing boat with the Chinese on board.

The soldiers greeted the boat.

Members of the Chinese delegation to the selected bank.

The delegation members talk with the Red Army.

Gifts for the Red Odwan brought Chinese.

Working for local industries and Odwan fighters during the rally.

Workers representative speaking at the rally.

Workers give gifts to the Red Army.

The Red Army before the speech campaign group.

The soldiers listen to the speaker.

Artists perform in front of the Red Army.

The soldiers and locals watch performance artists.

Children in the audience.

On stage stands juggler.

The soldiers applauded artists.

Artists continue to speak, the Red Army and local residents looking statement.

Those soldiers and local residents.

The soldiers watch performance artists.

Face the audience and the Red Army.

Machine gun calculations Odwan on patrol at the position.

Observers Odwan visiting the area from observation posts.

The soldiers on patrol.

The plane, flying from the Chinese territory.

Chinese reconnaissance aircraft flies abroad.

Marines notice the aircraft and linked to the airfield by field telephone.

The telephone negotiate.

Odwan aircraft climb to intercept.

Flying Soviet planes.

Chinese aircraft turns.

Flying Soviet planes.

Chinese plane flies into their territory.

Soviet aircraft in flight.

Smoke from factory chimneys.

Tractors on arable land (top).

Interior view of the factory floor.

In the Amur patrol boat floats.

On the shore is moving Soviet cavalry.

Patrol boat pursuing boat with trespassers.


Kliment Voroshilov - statesman and political leader, military leader Vasily Konstantinovich Blucher - commander

Calendar: 1929

Locations: Primorsky Krai [764] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

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