Great liberation. (1939)

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Film accession regions of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus to the USSR, the organization of production, everyday life, everyday people after accession.

Joining of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus to the USSR

Reel №1

On the way, moving column of Soviet tanks.

Moving artillery gun tractor-drawn, drives a truck with the Red Army.

Moving tank column.

Flying airplanes.

Kind military convoy moving on the road (at the top).

On the way, moving convoy of trucks.

Infantry units of the Red Army on the march.

Polish border posts lie on the ground.

On the way, moving Soviet cavalry.

Drive through machine-gun carts.

The cavalry and horse artillery moved past the forest.

Destroyed railway bridge over the river.

The cavalry moves ford the river.

Tanks stepping up the river.

Tanks go ashore.

Tanks stepping up the river.

Sappers suggest a pontoon bridge.

Minesweeper spins fixing nuts pontoon.

Horse Artillery overcomes a water barrier.

The cavalry crossed the river to build bridges.

To build bridges passing trucks with infantry.

Pointer with the inscription: "The city of Vaukavysk" in Polish.

Soviet tanks on the streets of Vaukavysk.

Soviet infantry walking down the street Grodno.

Moving artillery.

Soviet armored cars in the streets of Vilna.

People strengthen the red flags on the walls and windows of the houses.

Local farmers welcome the passing Soviet cavalry.

A banner with the slogan Belarusian language praising Stalin.

Soviet tanks drive through the streets of the city, people greet tank.

Residents of Bialystok greet the Red Army.

People greet passing through the city of the cavalry.

People shake the commander of the Red Army.

Panorama solemn meeting in honor of the arrival of the Red Army.

Commanders and political workers from the rostrum welcome the rally participants.

Kind of a city street filled with people.

Tankers in the turret hatches with flowers.

People welcome the Red Army.

Soviet cavalry is on the streets of Lviv.

Lviv residents welcomed the Red Army.

The infantry is the street of the city.

Lviv residents welcome Red Army.

The people welcomed the Soviet soldiers.

Commanders and political workers salute the assembled people.

The national flag of the Soviet Union in one of the buildings of the city.

Member of the Military Council of the Ukrainian Front Khrushchev NS talking with one of the political officers.

Khrushchev is accompanied by political workers.

Commanders and political workers talking with the locals.

People read leaflets and labels on posters, mounted on a truck campaigning.

People see a poster with portraits of members of the Politburo of the CPSU (b).

People stand at the propaganda of the truck.

People on the street to catch and read the leaflets.

Political workers of the Red Army on the streets dropped leaflets from the truck.

Panorama solemn meeting.

Krasnarmeytsy stand in formation.

The commander of the Belorussian Front commander of the 2nd rank Kovalev MP at the station receives a report from his subordinates after his arrival in Bialystok.

Kovalev greet commanders and walks along the platform.

Kovalev sits in the car.

The car pulls away from the station Kovalev.


Nikita Khrushchev - statesman and political figure [882] Mikhail Kovalev Prokofievich - commander




Vilnius [925] Belarus [845] Ukraine [229] Lviv [924] Poland [177]


Autumn [826]

Army; Foreign policy; CPSU activity

Reel №2

Refugees are returning home on carts.

Family rides in a cart.

People roll for a truck with things in the cart sits a kid.

Family pushes a cart with the property, harnessed to a bicycle.

Types of streets of the city.

Refugees are on the street.

People read the announcement of employment.

The announcement of the hiring in the Ukrainian language.

People with things in their hands walking on the street of the city.

People work at a volunteer to rebuild the city.

People pass each other stones.

View of the quarter Bialystok (above).

Unfold shops and kiosks.

Sellers open windows.

People walk past the open stores willing to pay.

People stand in line at the commandant's office for obtaining the documents.

Red Army treats cigarettes militia fighters.

The face of one of the commanders of the militia.

Soldiers are trained militia with weapons.

Drill sessions with militia fighters.

Soldiers of the People's Militia systems are on the street.

Passing buses and trucks in the streets of the city is Red Army-adjuster.

People read the posters of cinema.

Posters new Soviet films.

People buy Soviet newspapers from a street newsboy.

The man in the street reading a newspaper "Pravda".

Workers restoring the pavement.

Electricians repairing telegraph line.

From the post office postman come with bags.

The street passing postman on a bicycle.

Train coming to the station in Bialystok.

People come out of the station building.

Loading luggage onto a cart.

People come out of the station building.

Passengers traveling with luggage in a cab.

Children go to school.

The postman comes out of the gate of the house.

View of a house on the outskirts of Bialystok working.

From the house overlook the old man and the boy.

People loaded things into the truck.

The truck leaves the gate of the house.

Inside view of the premises of one of the houses.

Users are entered into the house of things and furniture.

General view of the apartment building.

Kind of a textile factory buildings of Bialystok.

Workers pulling a wheelbarrow with bales.

Women sorting rags.

Machine Works factory.

A worker manually loads the raw materials in the car.

Grille on the factory window.

Textile workers in the shops of the work, a panorama of the plant with outdated equipment.

View Borislav oil fields.

Kind of a wooden oil derrick.

Working hand pump oil.

Manual labor in the oil industry.

The process of oil production.

Work is poured into a bucket barrel of oil.

On a cart driven by a rusty oil tank.

One type of industrial plants.

Workers walk past one of the buildings.

Soviet textile workers who had come to share their experience.

Inspection of bales of raw materials the new leadership of the factory.

Those workers.




Lviv [924] Ukraine [229] Belarus [845] Poland [177]


Autumn [826]

Industry; Subbotniks; Authorities and management; Life and leisure