IL-2: Weapons of victory (2002)

Documentary №27225, 1 film, duration: 0:26:05
Production: Narodnoe kino
Director:Boris Golovnya
Screenwriters:Andrej Romanovsky, Faid Symphorien
Camera operators:Constantine Orozalyev
Anouncers:Vasily Lanovoy


A film about the creation of Ilyushin attack aircraft, which the Nazis called "Black Death."

Movie №1 IL-2: Weapons of victory

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IL-2. "Pre-war years.

Boy running around the lawn and playing airplanes.

In 1976 in the swamps near Novgorod found the last IL-2. IL-2 take out of the airport and transportation in the city, set in the city, as a monument.

Early 20th century.

Brothers Ray made its first flight on an airplane. 1909, the first exhibition of aeronautics in Paris.

Demonstration flights of aircraft.

The First World War, the Soviet soldiers fly planes that are made of wood and plywood with weak motors.

The end of the Russian Civil War. N.G.Zhukovsky, the great Russian scientist, created in Moscow Institute of the Red Air Force.

Photo Ilyushin.

Photo glider.

1925. In Germany, an international competition held by gliding. S.Ilyushin brings glider he created "Moscow".

Flying gliders in competition.

Photo Ilyushin.

In the early 30's Ilyushin headed in Moscow is one of the aircraft design.

Vacationers people in the park, the city in which people walk.

Display of military equipment to the Second World War.

Stalin directs the development of stormtroopers.

In KB Ivanov created secret program "Ivanov" and for the design and construction of storm troopers.

Hitler stands in a riding car and welcomes the German people.

Hitler begins to restore the German air force.

German citizens are things made of metal for the army.

The airfield, which involved gliders, the future elite of the Luftwaffe.

Speech Reich Goering.

In 1936, developed the first aircraft in Ilyushin KB heavy bomber CDB-30. CDB-30 V.Kokkinaki experiences.

Says VK Kokkinaki, honored pilot test - the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

Rise stormtroopers.

Air battle in Italy, World War II. Explosion and falling burning plane.

Firms "Focke - Wulf" and "Heinkel" given the task to develop armored aircraft.

Testing of armor in Germany.

Photos: Ilyushin, Stalin in his office at the table.

Ilyushin shows drawings of armored ground attack.

1939. Poland.

Dive bombers "S-88" work in conjunction with the aircraft covering: Fighter "Messerschmitt".

Photo: Ilyushin is for airplanes.

October 12, 1940, flight test single Il-2. 1941, meeting of the New Year.

April 1941. Germany.

German airfield.

Luftwaffe invited Soviet specialists see the latest German technology.

Hitler was on the train, sitting in front of the card.

The German attack on the Soviet Union.

Military chronicle of the Second World War.

Speech by Ilyushin.

Autumn of 1941. Preparations for the defense of Moscow.

Assembling the Il-2 in a factory.

Il-2 takes off from a snow-covered airfield.

Destroyed by IL-2. A.N.Efimov says Air Marshal, twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

Awarding of Soviet ground attack.

The plant collect the Il-2. Photo of Joseph Stalin.

Release of IL-2 doubles.

Double flight of IL-2.

The firm "Heinkel" designer Nikolaus Friedrich creates armored attack «Hs 129." Mass production F.Nikolausa stormtroopers.

Capturing German stormtrooper «Hs 129." Military action at Kursk.

Stormtroopers issued by "Heinkel" was 800. IL-2 produced more than 40,000 pieces.

Rewarding Ilyushin Stalin Prize.

Ilyushin memories.

August 1941. IL-2 squadron bombed Berlin.

Goering surrounded by the military goes to Berlin.

Berlin destroyed.

Military chronicle of the Second World War.

German pilots taken prisoner.

Destroyed by a German airfield.

Soviet soldiers captured German airfield.



Calendar: 2002

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