T-34: Weapons of victory. (2002)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Boris Golovnya

Script writers: Andrej Romanovsky, Eugene Zobov

Operators: Ivan Kuptsov

Anouncers: Vasily Lanovoy


About sudbe tank designers, who became a symbol of victory over fascism and recognized the best tank of the century.

Movie №1 T-34: Weapons of victory

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Spring 1941. Preparations for the attack on the USSR. At the same time, the Soviet delegation visited the German military factories.

The plant, on which the latest tanks of the Third Reich.

Passages tanks through the woods, water, trenches and other obstacles.

The beginning of the 20th century.

Several rescued from Whites obsolete tanks "Reno."

Parade on Red Square.

Passage of tanks on the area.

Stalin is on the mausoleum.

Operating the plant.

By area of ​​Berlin is a column of German soldiers.

Chancellor Hitler comes to the podium to speak.

Parade on Red Square.

Photo British tank "Christy." Travel light tank T-26 through the birch grove.

T-26 is designed in the image of British tank "Christy." The field is going high-speed tank BT, which tracked undercarriage - wheel part is very unreliable.

Passage of heavy-towered the T-28 and T-35. Passage of armored vehicles.

Stalin and the highest person in the country are on the mausoleum and waving their hands.

Parade on Red Square.

War chronicles the Spanish Civil War.

In the field, the grass is burning tank.

May, 1938. Moscow.

Stalin convene a meeting in the Kremlin, which invites tankers returned from Spain.

The meeting addressed the issue of what should be a modern tank.

Photo M.I.Koshkina engineer. M.I.Koshkin headed KB Kharkov Locomotive Works.

The plant being assembled tanks.

People walking in the park and the city.

Stills from the film "Tractor".

Military news.

March 1940. Is run two prototypes of T-34 route Kharkiv - Moscow.

One of the tanks is very M.I.Koshkin.

Photos of designers who created the T-34: M.I.Koshkin Morozov, Kucherenko.

Tests of T-34.

Release of T-34. Military chronicle of the Second World War.

Remembers and tells the Marshal of Armored Forces Katukov.

Military news.

Burning tanks.

Are fighting.

Destroyed Kharkiv Locomotive Plant.

Counterattack under the city moat.

Commander G.Guderian postpones spring offensive in Tula.

At the factory all the power left to build the T-34 for the front.

Sending a T-34 on the front.



Remembers and tells Marshal Zhukov.

Photo T-34 in Moscow.

Photo of General Katukova tank.

Photo of General Katukova.

Military chronicle of hostilities.

T-34 is sent to the front.

Established mass production of T-34. The plant is the assembly of T-34 with an automatic welding.

This method is designed E.Paton academician.

Guards - tankers destroyed armored corps E. von Manstein on the outskirts of the besieged Stalingrad.

In Stalingrad, reduced transport factory.

The plant is the assembly and repair of tanks.

Sending tanks to the front.

Summer of 1943. Improvement of German tanks, "Tiger" and "Panther".

The Battle of Kursk.

In this battle, Germany lost 1,500 tanks, USSR - 6000 tanks.

Military news.

The modernization of the T-34. Fighting in Belarus: the burning tanks, dead people.

The plant is the assembly of the new T-34 modifications.

Development of "Operation Bagration." Soviet generals are at the cards in the field.

January 1945. T-34 tanks and Soviet soldiers in Germany.

A meeting of Soviet tank with people liberated cities.

There are fights in Germany.

Layout postwar Berlin in case of winning the war Nazi Germany.

The fighting in Berlin.

May 9, 1945. Victory!

Soviet tanks are going to Prague.

Smiling and happy people congratulating Soviet soldiers.

Our time.

Kharkov and the village of Kharkov, where he was buried M.I.Koshkin.