Newsreel of the early 20th century. (1900 - 1922)

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Scene №1 Newsreel of the early 20th century

Ski resort, people skiing, fall

Girl dancing in a white robe, depicting a butterfly.

Hindu dance national dance, a group of men watching

Girls in white dresses with her hair dancing in the stadium.

A man hangs a picture on the wall.

F. Chaliapin, surrounded by the crowd away from the machine.

Academician - close-up.

Stanislavsky Theatre, surrounded by artists.

A man in a suit and hat smokes a wall

A man and a woman sitting in an open car, waving his hands.

The pilot of the plane, he is greeted assembled.


Orchestra on stage, singing man sings at the microphone.

The girl on the cap fixes antenna phone antenna phone in a baby stroller, a child in a wheelchair crying.

People drink beer at the tables, listen to gramophone.

Man in headphones.

The plane flies through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Aviators have model airplanes, a group of pilots in their sheepskins is the plane, a man opens the door of the plane, put a ladder-ladder exit of passengers.

Planes, biplanes, various aircraft at the airport.

Aircraft mix of aircraft and airship rises vertically from the air, the different experimental models of aircraft.

People in the mini-motorcycles pass the obstacle of pins, the girls on the mini-motorcycles.

Tractor rides on the field, followed by the crowd of spectators.

Car without a driver goes around, men inspect the car.

Convoy moves along the Champs Elysees in Paris.

Automobile Works: conveyor, machine travel from the factory gate.

Two men in hats talking, the girl with a toy "language."

D.Rokfeller the plane, playing golf.

Russia: homeless, homeless in a barrel smoke

Panorama of the bell tower, watching people pull down the bell, break bell hammers.

The Bolsheviks are arrested clergy.

The trial of the clergy.

Vladimir Mayakovsky at the table.

USA: Girl in a hat, a variety show, the girls are dancing on the podium, sitting with men, flirting

Fashion show

"Miss Universe", the participants pass on platforms defile the stage, are in bathing suits, Vechta.

Girls passing in cars.

The girl on the table danced the Charleston, dance competitions - couples dancing the Charleston, an orchestra.

France, Paris, Montparnasse: outdoor coffee tables (shot from above), people on the street, talking to two men, shadows.

Woman paints her lips.

The people at the coffee shop.

Staged street scenes.

Close-ups of faces.

Streets of Paris.

The waiter at the bar.

Different picture.


Man and woman riding on horseback on the square.

Smoking woman.

Cabaret "Moulin Rouge" in the afternoon and evening.

Men come into the glass doors of the building, watching the presentation on the stage of the cabaret.

A group of men is an alley with a girl, girl photographs.

Man signing autographs, the man with the girl at the train

A huge crowd in front of the funeral, people under umbrellas.

Girl on a horse in the water - a top view, a man flies on a balloon, are cameramen with cameras.

Men at the train cameramen.

The war in Asia, fleeing soldiers on the village street, the prisoners tied to stakes, people are tied to sticks people.

People walk down the street systems, the police disperse the crowd, soldiers riding in armored vehicles.

Police officers are arrested on the rope, take testimony, arrested in the cell.

European-looking people walking down the stairs, get in the boat, swim to the ship.

Chinese crowd trying to break into the building, climb two Chinese heads.

Man sitting with a cigarette.

Go to men and women in saris, riots on the streets of Delhi, the police dispersed the demonstrators.

Al Capone behind bars, are judges, the crowd outside the court, a demonstration against the Mafia.

U.S. Capitol, the demonstration moved down the avenue from the White House.

Ku Klux Klan.

Prohibition in America - Tank crushes drums, man smashes a bottle of wine, a universal struggle with alcohol (anti-alcohol campaign).

USA, New York Stock Exchange, trading, stockbrokers screaming gesticulating.

Sitting at a table American ministers (panorama).

Russia: Tsar Nicholas II's generals bypass the soldiers are clerics, followed by members of the royal family (the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty).

Members of the royal family - the great princes and princesses play on the field in salochki.

Naked men swimming in the river.

Nicholas II arrives at a military base, the soldiers of the tsarist army solemn parade, Nicholas II with the generals out on the porch.

Moscow: View of the Kremlin from the waterfront.


Shalyapin F. -- singer Stanislavskij K.S. -- director Mayakovskij V. -- poet Nikolaj II Rokfeller D. -- American entrepreneur




USA France [77] China [46] India [103] Asia Russia [1]

Industry; Transportation; Culture and Arts; Towns and countries; Social life