Newsreel of the early 20th century. (1900 - 1914)

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Scene №1 Newsreel of the early 20th century

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Views of the city of Coburg early 20th century.

20th years.: Views of Coburg (Germany).

The woman with the little girl on the observation deck.

1913: Austria: We drive carriages, people coming into the building.

Well-dressed ladies in the street.

Leopold Salvator Habsburg - Archduke of Austria - on horseback with a cigar.

Horse ride.

Passes Leopold Salvator with a lady under an umbrella (from the sun), the members of the court.

Early 20th century Paris cabaret - dance show on stage.

Paris: Launch balloons to people in the air.

People in the basket of the balloon.

Flying balloons on a background of Paris.

Launching balloons in Vienna and Berlin.

Russia, Moscow: Nikolai Passes 2 and Grand Duchesses, sit in the stroller.

King of Serbia, Peter I.

George I - King of Greece.

Ferdinand I - King of Bulgaria.

In wheelchair sits Prince Alexei, Alexandra, Nicholas 2 and Grand Duchess.

Pass (German) soldiers gathered at the opening of the monument.

Pilots of the plane, the plane takes off, flying over at low altitude.

Of the doors of the building out little girls from three to nine years.

Children posing in the studio.

Well-dressed girls pictures.

The train travels by train to Berlin - removed from the train.

Berlin train.

1912-1913: The Balkans - are people, are the horses are soldiers.

Soldiers prepare food in the street.

Parade of soldiers, lead livestock.

10th years.: Correspondents alight, put things photographed.


1900-1914 years.



Transportation; Towns and countries; Social life
Sectors of the economy; Geography and Nature

Scene №2

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Russia: passing freight train, people waving from the cars, are women in hats.

The building goes, Emperor Nicholas II with Tsarevich Alexei, accepts the report, passes by troops.

Cost Alexandra and Grand Duchesses.

Solemn service.

Troops are stationed.

Parade in the presence of Nicholas II.

Nicholas II communicates with the military.

Are priests.

Europe: Pass the demonstrators with picks and shovels.

The soldiers at the station, the train comes, go warlords, sit in the car.

It takes a brass band, the military.

Military systems are on the square.

Are German soldiers.

Russia: Review of troops.

Wooden crosses on the graves.

Children in clothes dzhigits posing for the camera.

Exercising in the square.

Review of troops in the presence of Nicholas II.

Tsarevich Alexei and Grand Duchess in a wheelchair.

Soldiers on bicycles.

Present on review.

Soldiers make a pyramid.

Troop of soldiers.

Cadets pass.

Passing cyclists.

Boy in uniform with the George Cross on his chest.

Another boy.

Soldiers say goodbye, depart on a trolley.

Detach and pin cars.

Nicholas II and the suite on the platform.

Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexei at the front, drives a truck with soldiers.

Troop of soldiers.

Pass generals.


Nicholas II at the table drinking a glass.

Pass the troops.

Nicholas II talks with the generals at the tent.

Gymnastic exercises on the field, in the square.

On the beach are lined up a group of naked boys 5-7 years.

Boys jump from the bridge into the river.

Holidaymakers on the boat.

A man with a boy in a sailor's uniform.

The men shake their children in a hammock in the woods.

Story boys sailors on shore.

Troop of soldiers on the road.

13-year-old officer.

Pass the troops.

Soup kitchen.

Pass people and clergy.

Troop of soldiers.

Columns of soldiers in the area.

USA: The people waving national flags in the streets.

Competitions soldiers.

Soldiers jump over each other.

Europe: The soldiers and officers in the streets of European cities.

French children sitting in the tables.

Street wash soldiers.

Soldiers and children eat in the street.

Sending orphans on Azure coast of France from Paris.

Residents of Marseille (France) welcomes foreign regiments arrived in town.

Soldiers through the streets, an orchestra.

Casting molten steel.

Work in a munitions factory.

Are the shells.

Pigeons bathing in the water.

Children are engaged in the classroom in the liberated areas.

A girl writes on the blackboard in French.

Teacher with children.

Roundelay of French soldiers and children.

Russia: Orenburg Cossacks were on holiday - at the well with the horses.

The red-hot steel in the shop of the plant.

Manufacturing shells in a munitions factory.


Shop factory, sweeping work.

Passing trains - shot from above.

A man stands with a bull.

Hens in cages.


Teens in cells.

Moscow: opening of the playground at Butyrskaya shaft - gathered on the square waving flags, children play.

France: are soldiers, march on the streets with flags, speaking on the balcony.

People meet arriving train.

French corporal captor hundred Germans, poses for the camera.

London: Holiday in honor of the British Empire - the crowd of children, children's parade.

Verdun, France - refugees on the road leading cattle on a halt.

Sit two girls.

Russia, winter: the military in the field, rewarding military crosses of St.


Formation of soldiers with bayonets in the field.

The officer wrote at the table.

General Kaledin talking with officers.

Manufacturing dressing.

The woman at the press.

Seamstresses at work on a sewing machine.

Men at the bench.

Finished products.

Awarding of foreign officers.

President Poincare passes on the street, goes to the wounded on stretchers, talking to him, shaking his hand.

French army officer on horseback.

Young volunteer Michael Glazov.

Lieutenant Zverev the ship.

Military parade in London playing a boy.

On the streets of Moscow are soldiers who are prisoners of Austrians, shop signs are visible.

Young officer Dragoons on horseback.

San Sebastian Spanish royal family at the cottage by the sea.

Two men stand in the snow in the street, talking.


Eight-Serbian salutes Cpl.

General Kuzen awards soldiers' widows.

Moscow Hospital for wounded United Bank office provided Tatishchev.

Nurses fed soldiers, soldiers from the map.

Football game at the stadium, the fans.

Railway station Lovich: buildings, train, road, destroyed by a shell house.

England, London, Westminster Abbey: the day King Albert - the children of the king.

Lit sparkler.

England: Young sailors learn to tie knots in the classroom shooting, inspection targets.

Young sailors have guns.

Photographed sailors.

Russia, Moscow: Review of troops in the presence of Nicholas II, schoolgirl doing exercises in the Red Square, pass the troops.

Paris: Climb the Eiffel Tower.

The audience at the second platform of the tower, on the observation deck.

Moscow: Flag Day for the wounded - the cars with flags, carriages and cars on the street.

The people in the car, raising money for the wounded.

Austrian military.

Trumpeters of the Russian army.

Manufacture of bandages for the army.

Review Lancers stick Emperor Wilhelm in Hannover.

Are soldiers German army.

Lancers on horseback.

Highlands: Soldiers flee the attack.

The soldiers in the town of Kozlov-Ore.

Suited to the platform the train.

Demonstration of a projectile destruction.

Return of the civilian population of Germany in the destroyed houses.

Shattered shop windows.

Russia, winter: galloping cavalry.

Soldiers drink tea in the street.

Formation of soldiers passes through the arch.

Traffic on the river.

Watching people.

Flying over the river to the sea plane.

Flying over the countryside.

Arrival of the train.

Unloading the wounded.

Extinguish the fire.

Children are running.

China: children laugh.

Farewell to the war in the countryside.

Smoke pipes.

Paris: Departure orphans Verdun on the Cote d'Azur.

Moving train with guns.

Travel on the w / e, the shooting of the train.

California, Los Angeles fire.

Hostilities, a fire in a field.

Killed in the snow.


Graves and crosses.

Soldiers in the trenches during the winter.

Soldiers feeding pigeons.

Destruction, fires.

Russia: to collect the public on the square at the exhibition opening booty.

Pass the generals and officers.

Are the military.

Performances of the military.

Japan: The performance of actors on the street.

Japanese umbrellas on the street.

Russian soldiers posing for the camera.

England: Young sailors learn to tie knots, do exercises in the classroom shooting, inspection targets.

Young sailors have guns.

Photographed sailors.

Russia: Should formation of soldiers on the streets of the city.

Review of troops: troop of soldiers.

Are soldiers.

G.Vyazma, 16/06/1916 - opening of Russia's first monument to the heroes of World War II in the presence of Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexei.

Consecration of the monument.

The audience at the square.





The First World War