Parisian Life (1900-1910)

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Scene №1 Parisian Life

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1900-1910 years.: Outskirts of Paris: children jumping rope, women working in the garden, go to the men in coats and hats, the street goes hearse, it is followed by women in black

A group of men inspecting the pit.

Homeless on the street at a soup kitchen, a policeman, eat the homeless and destitute.

Secular collection: ladies in elegant dresses, children.

1900: Paris, Ferris wheel, a variety mill "Moulin Rouge", street, transport, pedestrians.

Buyers and sellers in the market.

Police officers on bicycles chasing thieves, a man running away from the police, fights with them (stage footage)

Views of Paris: the bridge of Alexander III, the Eiffel Tower, Lyuksorsky obelisk, photo Eiffel Tower.

Cost architect Eiffel.

Details of the tower.


Banquet in the restaurant, the waiters serve visitors.

The rise of the Eiffel Tower on the elevator, the elevator removed from the movement.

Shooting banks of the Seine with the traffic on the river.


A spinning disk male figure.

Men in top hats out of the building.

Men on the hunt.

It takes a group of men.

Underground train station, travel by train.

Views of Paris from the train station.

People come out of the subway entrance hall.

Stucco house.

Drove by the crew.

Photo interior apartment.

Ladies drink tea in the lounge, talking.

Ladies try on hats, women's faces, she makes from her purse a hat, a woman tries on a variety of accessories (multrabota), fashionista, display dresses, sketches of clothes, swirling doll.

Rink, girls play hockey and other games, girl pants, girl carman, the woman - the driver, a demonstration of women, ladies in hats and furs down the stairs.

A lady in a corset pull strongly, ladies clothing show, a man in top hat sits on a chair, the man in the library, posing different people.

Artists at work.

Ladies in the interiors, girl model, girl dancing.

A man kisses the hand of a lady (shadows on the door).

Woman with a Fan.

A man in a mask climbs to the balcony, she reads the note, men with flowers in the living room (stage footage).

Fencers, family scene in the garden, a man, a lady with the cats (stage footage).

The lady in the bed, to see her lover, love scene arrives husband, lover portrays Dr. (stage footage).

A man and woman on the bike, a love scene in the forest (stage footage).

Husband scolds his wife, attempted suicide (stage footage).

Representation on the stage: from a caterpillar, butterfly girl appears.

Various family scene (stage footage).

Photographing a sleeping woman, the men in the sauna, restaurant, pictures of men.

Ladies walking in the park, fishing, walking mini-trains in the park, car decorated with flowers and carriages, decorated bicycles.

Paris comes to town to know the racetrack, racing, riders,

Football game, football team photographed.

The man with the bike race drivers, race.

Balloons balloonists ready to fly.

The lady comes out of the crew, a man with a greyhound.

A priest blesses a pack of dogs.

Horseman rides in the woods, surrounded by a pack of dogs and hunting.

Ladies get in a car drove up to the entrance.

Men out of the vehicle - a congress guests at the wedding, the bride and groom greeted guests.

Parisians on the walk, decorated with flowers children's train, boat.

Women harvest in the garden.

People under umbrellas out of the building, standing on the street.

Bridges, flood in Paris, flooded streets, people are moving on a wooden platform and in boats, rescue drowning horse.

Ladies crowd on the street, sitting at a table.

The crowd in the street, handing out something from the cart.

Exit nobles, smart crew with a high throne, sits on a high throne lady and waves.

Rides on the square, a man shows focus with paper butterflies, is the Chinese system, the men in helmets riding on elephants.

Panorama of the park, walking, orchestra.


People on the River Seine.

People sit on the boat, waving handkerchiefs and hats from the steamer.

Busy street, street musicians, people dancing in the street.

A man washes the horses on the street, people sitting in outdoor cafes, street banners, crowds of passers-by people in the park, outdoor cafés.

People on the platform, the train arrives.

Panorama of the beach: tents, in chairs are people walking on the beach, cabins for changing clothes in carts, beach, relax, children on the beach.

Visitors come to the restaurant, the people in the restaurant, a violinist at the table talking to a lady, a man smokes.

Dancing in the restaurant.

Calendar: 1900-1910

Locations: France, Paris

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