The Spanish Civil War (1936-1938)

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Scene №1 The Spanish Civil War

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Panorama of Madrid.

Street - shot from the top point.

Planes in the sky.

People are running to the shelter.

Airstrike on Madrid.

Killed, fires in the city.

Destruction in Madrid, people make heaps.

Fortifications on the streets.

People on the streets of the city.

Spanish children play.

Architectural monuments of Madrid.

Military airfield, pilots.

Calendar: 1936-1938

Locations: Spain [205]

Scene №2

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Munitions factory, picture of Lenin and Stalin in the shop.

On the streets of Madrid are volunteers.

Aircraft in the mountains.

Passing military equipment.

Soldiers of the Republican Army.

Panorama of mountains.

Villa Durruti, the theater building Henri Barbusse.

Men sticking leaflets on the building.

Calendar: 1936-1938

Scene №3

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The soldiers of the Republican army in the streets.

The emblem of "Die Fledermaus" at the fuselage of the Republicans.

The inscriptions on the equipment.

Air strikes on the area.

Explosions on the ground.

Planes in the air.

Girls for embroidering on the terrace.

Children in kindergarten by the sea: play, dance, draw.

Measuring the height and weight of children.

The girls pray in the bedroom before going to bed.

The soldiers of the Republican army in the streets.

Posters in the streets, among them "No pasaran".

Construction of fortifications.

Soldiers on the streets of Madrid.

The commanders of the map.

Planes in the air over Madrid.

People run for cover.

Children pulled from the rubble.

Destroyed houses in the streets of the Spanish city.

The pilots at the airport.

Hanging the bombs to the aircraft.

Republicans squadron in the air.

Mountain landscape.

Bombing areas.


People on the streets of liberated cities welcome the soldiers.

German seaplanes with the emblem "ace of spades."

Ruined port.

Republicans go on the truck.

A pile of weapons.


German pilots in the aircraft.

Shelling of areas from aircraft.

"Messerschmitt" in the sky.

The plane landed at the military airport.

German pilots at the airport, at the headquarters.

Military headquarters in w / a car.

Anti-aircraft gun.

German military looks at the clock.

Report pilot.

Pilots get the job, sit in the aircraft take off.

Warehouse shells.

Germans in the headquarters of the map.

Hanging the bombs to the aircraft.

German pilots learn map.

German planes in the air.

Operates radio operator.

German soldiers in anti-aircraft.


Planes in the sky.

Pilot in the aircraft.

Franco's army soldiers passing through the streets of Madrid, welcoming them.

Calendar: 1936-1939

Locations: Spain [205]

Scene №4

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And a speaker (Franco) from the podium at a rally in the Spanish city.

Posters in the streets.

Vote on 16 February.

Nationalists rally.

House fire.

Flags nationalists.

Are soldiers in Franco's army.

Planes in the air, on the airfield.

Air raid on the city.

People are running.

Sypyatsya bomb.

Explosions, crumbling house.

Planes in the sky over the city.


Flying over the city.

Ship at sea.

Destruction in the city.

Cost General Franco.

Map of Spain and Morocco.

Are Moroccan troops and Franco.

Pilots National Army (Carlists) for airplanes.

German planes in the sky, explosions.

Military airfield Republicans: are Soviet aircraft.


Landing aircraft.

The pilots of the national army at the airport.

Soldiers go through the city.

Soldiers surrendering.

Soldiers brigades (Soviet soldiers) at rest: play the harmonica, shave.

The territory of the sanatorium (hospital).

Nurses in the garden with patients.

A man plays the guitar, the other - singing in Spanish.

Perebintovyvaet nurse the wounded.

Patients in the dining room, in the hospital wards.


Franko F. -- Spanish politician

Calendar: 1936-1939

Locations: Spain [205]

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