Great Patriotic War. (1941 - 1945)

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Scene №1 Great Patriotic War

Military airfield, the pilot puts on a parachute.

Plane takes off.

Transfer pilots aircraft, built by the students of a vocational school in Moscow.

Transfer pilots Squadron aircraft, built at the expense of the artists of the Maly Theater.

Military leaders at the headquarters of the map.

Operate a telegraph.


German soldiers are wounded.

Passing over the bridge German motorcyclists.

Take off, fly, swoop German planes - different plans.

German anti-aircraft guns firing.

Soviet planes in the air.

Soviet aircraft firing on the German airfield.

Dead German pilot, burning wreckage of German aircraft at the airfield.

Meeting at the airport of Soviet pilots returning from combat missions.

Soviet soldiers captured German pilots.




USSR [863]

World War II

Scene №2 Great Patriotic War

Burning wreckage.

Of a truck down German POWs.

Watching women and children.

Plane takes off.

Military leaders at the headquarters.

Burning wreckage, shell craters at the airfield.

The body of the deceased pilot is put on a stretcher.


Soviet pilots in service in aircraft

August 1941 - Aircraft Air Base Saaremaa (night scene).

Soviet pilots wear equipment before a combat mission over Berlin.

Fired anti-aircraft guns.

The pilot, radio operator, gunner in the cockpit.

German soldiers rake debris after the bombing, repairing railroad tracks.

Soviet aircraft returns to base after a successful bombing of Berlin.



World War II

Scene №3 Great Patriotic War

Airfield, fly airplanes.

The pilots returned after sorties.

Marshal I.Konev on the front line.

Soviet aircraft at the aerodrome; squadron flies over the airfield.

Planes in the air.

I.Konev Marshals Zhukov and watch the flight.

Squadron in the air.

Zhukov looking through binoculars.

German plane drops padded, burning wreckage on the ground.

A group of Soviet pilots in the burned wreckage of German planes.

Soldiers of the aircraft with the inscription "Stalingrad - Berlin".

Pilots posing.

The pilots at the airport after combat missions - different plans.


Konev I.S. Zhukov G.K.




USSR [863]

World War II

Scene №4 Great Patriotic War

The pilots at the airport - different plans.

Military ship in the sea, naval guns shoot.

Sailor throws a grenade, ships at sea, is a detachment of sailors.

Hitler and the German High Command representatives laugh, hand cut the cake made in the shape of the Caspian Sea.

Fighting the Soviet sailors.

Military airfield, pilots before flying a combat mission.

Fired anti-aircraft guns.

People in the shelter at the metro station "Pushkinskaya".

Fired anti-aircraft guns, burning wreckage of Nazi aircraft.

Paratroopers jump from a plane.

Fighting - different plans.


Soviet commanders watching an air battle.

Racing tank, the soldiers fleeing the attack.




USSR [863]

World War II

Scene №5 Great Patriotic War

The pianist has performed in front of the Soviet pilots at the airport.

Presenting the flag Aviation Regiment oath pilots.

The pilots at the controls, the plane in the air.

Drop bombs explosions on the ground.

The pilots at the airport after a combat mission - different plans.

Pilots get jobs; wear parachutes, sit in the cockpit.

Plane taking off, the plane in the air.

German anti-aircraft guns firing.

A flock of crows circling above the field.

Monument at the grave Sanfirova pilots.

Photos of female pilots aviation.

Girls are preparing pilots for combat flight, the plane in the air.

Group of pilots is on the airfield.

Pilots discuss his assignment, gave a report to the commander.

Pilot wearing boots.

Girls pilots cut braids, wearing caps, look in the mirror.

Photos of pilots.

Pilots have planes, girls unloaded from the truck bombs.




USSR [863]

World War II