The Nuremberg Trials. (1945 - 1946)

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Scene №1 The Nuremberg Trials

Soviet tanks drive through the streets of Berlin, hoisting the Red Banner over the Reichstag.

White flags hung from the windows of houses in Berlin.

German generals out of the shelter, surrendering.

Columns of captured German soldiers on the streets of Berlin.

Arrests G.Geringa, G.Keytelya, K.Denitsa, A.Yodlya, Joachim von Ribbentrop and other Nazi criminals.

Ruined Nuremberg.

1939-1941. -

Hitler's take a military parade.

Protection outside Nuremberg prison, the camera, which contained the Nazi criminals.

War criminals are in the courtroom the Nuremberg trial.

G.Gering down the stairs, covering the face sheet of paper.

G.Gering and others take place in the dock.

Guard at the entrance to the building.

The corridor are members of the military tribunal.

Members of the military tribunal pass through security checkpoints at the building and the courthouse.

Boardroom Nuremberg - different plans.

Document library, books documents Soviet accusations.

Photocopying in the lab, your documents on a rotator.

Nazi criminals in the dock.

Artists B.Efimov, Kukryniksy (M.Kupriyanov, P.Krylov and N.Sokolov) in the courtroom draw caricatures of Nazi war criminals.

Soviet writers V. Vishnevsky Ehrenburg, Ivanov and other members of the press in the courtroom.

Work of a Soviet communications hub.

Soldiers operate the signal corps in English communications center.

Interpreters work.

Performance of the American prosecutor R.Dzheksona (synchronously).


1935-1941 years. -

Hitler's photo with a group of bankers, stormtroopers in the streets of Berlin.

Nazi criminals at Nuremberg.

Conference Room - different plans.

Statement by the Soviet prosecutor R.Rudenko (synchronously).


Rudenko R.A. -- Lawyer, Soviet statesman Vishnevskij V. -- Soviet writer Ivanov V. -- Soviet writer Erenburg I. -- Soviet writer and poet Efimov B.E. -- Soviet painter, People's Artist of the USSR Krilov P.N. -- Soviet painter, People's Artist of the USSR Sokolov N.A. -- Soviet painter, People's Artist of the USSR Dzhekson R. -- Attorney General and the Chief Justice of the United States Gitler A. Gering G. -- State, a political and military leader of Nazi Germany Kejtelj G. -- German military leader Denic K. -- Grand Admiral, German statesman and military leader Jodlj A. -- military leader of Germany Ribbentrop I. -- German Foreign Minister


1945-1946 1935-1941


Germany [84]

Media; Foreign policy; World War II

Scene №2

Ruined Nuremberg - different plans.

The Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, which is a military tribunal of Nazi criminals.

Soviet guards at the entrance to the building.

Come meet in the members of the court martial, journalists and politicians.

The prison, the camera, which contained war criminals, in the corridors of the prison guards.

G.Gering, R.Gess and other Nazi criminals took seats in the dock - different plans.


G.Gering, R.Gess, Joachim von Ribbentrop, V.Keytel, E.Kaltenbruner, A. Rosenberg and other war criminals on trial.

In the Hall of the Tribunal shall consist of members of the jury.

Hall Military Tribunal - different plans.

Soviet judges - and I.T.Nikitchenko A.F.Volchkov, British, American and French judges, the Chief Justice - Lord Lawrence.

Media representatives from different countries in the courtroom.

Soviet writers - V. Ivanov, V. Vishnevsky Ehrenburg and among journalists.

Chief Prosecutor R.Rudenko, his deputies and assistants: Yu.V.Pokrovsky, N.D.Zorya, L.N.Smirnov, L.R.Sheynin the process.


Rudenko R.A. Pokrovskij Yu.V. -- Soviet jurist Zorya N.D. -- Soviet jurist Smirnov L.N. -- Soviet jurist Shejnin L.R. -- Soviet jurist Rozenberg A. -- party leader of Nazi Germany Kaljtenbruner E. -- state and party leader of Nazi Germany Gering G. Gess R. -- statesman of Nazi Germany Ribbentrop I. Kejtelj V.


Germany [84]

Towns and countries; Foreign policy; World War II

Scene №3

Speech at Nuremberg Chief Prosecutor of the Soviet Union R.Rudenko.

Playing the Soviet prosecutors: Yu.V.Pokrovsky, N.D.Zorya, L.N.Smirnov, L.R.Sheynin, Roginsky (not simultaneously).


Rudenko R.A. Pokrovskij Yu.V. -- Soviet lawyer, Colonel of Justice Zorya N.D. -- Soviet jurist Smirnov L.N. -- Soviet jurist Shejnin L.R. -- Soviet jurist, writer





Foreign policy